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Procrastination Pro-Tips: Comic-Con News and More!

Your weekly dish of internet distractions.

Procrastination Pro-Tips: Comic-Con News and More!

This week!  Well, if you weren’t pouring over the news to come out of Comic-Con, you were probably obsessing over the royal birth.  (Welcome George!)  That said, there is so much Comic-Con news, it’s hard to round it all up.  So I’ll let other people do that for me!  io9 has a pretty comprehensive roundup of everything that went down in tv and movies and the comics world.  (Plus their list of winners and losers.)  And if you want to see some excellent and impressive cosplay?  Well, here you go!

Book Related Things

Great!  Buzzfeed has launched a new books page.  On the one hand, awesome.  On the other, Buzzfeed I do need to sleep sometime this century and you’re killing me.  I mean, just look at these reading nooks.

George R.R. Martin gives io9 a super long interview.  (Spoilers, obviously.)

Jane Austen to appear on the £10 note!  Good call, Brits!

Check out these beautiful libraries and this dress made from a book.

Movie Related Things

I know we’ve already talked about it, but HOLY CRAP THAT VERONICA MARS MOVIE TEASER!  I can’t even.  I’ve watched it, like, one million times.  Also, check out this roundup of the panel.  (Plus, how cute are Logan and Piz?)

Have you watched the new Catching Fire trailer yet?  Posh already gave us her reaction.

Isaac has been cast for Fault In Our Stars.

How old were all the teens in your favorite 90s movies?

TV Related Things

My favorite thing to come out of Comic-Con (besides the VMars material, clearly) was all the Legend of Korra goodness!  Watch the new trailer for book 2.  Plus, watch this bonus clip (Mako joins the police force?!)

Is Darcy emerging from the lake the most memorable moment in British TV drama?

We’ve mentioned it here on FYA before, but other people are now on the case of Bianca Lawson, perpetual teenager.

Lifetime to make a Flowers In The Attic movie!??  Starring Heather Graham and Ellyn Burstyn as the mother and grandmother??!!  Wow.  That is going to be ALL sorts of crazycakes!

VH1 is coming out with a biopic on TLC.  And making scary accurate reproductions of their most famous music videos in the process, apparently.

Aubrey Plaza stars as Daria in this fake movie trailer.

Miscellaneous Things

Would you completely change your travel plans for an unknown adventure?

Apparently Neil Gaiman is making a video game.  Because he can do anything.

So tell us...what Comic-Con news or announcements were you most excited over?

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