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The GILMORE GIRLS Rewatch Project: A Car Wreck, A Graduation, A Wedding And A Baby

Mandy J joins Meredith for the Season Two finale of GILMORE GIRLS! These eps are heart-stoppers, y'all.

The GILMORE GIRLS Rewatch Project: A Car Wreck, A Graduation, A Wedding And A Baby

Follow along the whole rewatch here!

Last week, on Gilmore Girls...

Gigantic thanks to my old pal Mandy Jeronimus for subbing for me on last week's installment of The Gilmore Girls Rewatch Project, and she's here once again to join me for this special Season Two finale edition! Big, big things happen in these four episodes, so get ready, guys!

But first! A reminder of our drinking game rules:

 The Gilmore Girls Drinking Game Rules

Drink once every time:

Lorelai or Rory drinks coffee.

Emily gets flustered by Lorelai's bizarre sense of humor.

Sookie is controlling about food.

Paris is controlling about anything.

Michel snubs a customer.

Luke is crotchety.

Taylor has an absurd scheme for Stars Hollow.

The girls acquire massive amounts of food and then fail to take even one bite.

Drink twice every time:

Kirk has a new job.

You see a town troubadour.

Emily gets a new maid.

On to the episodes!

2.19 "Teach Me Tonight"

MEREDITH: Jess is struggling in school, if we can all agree that by "struggling" we mean "not showing even the most infinitesimal effort." So Luke asks Rory to tutor Jess, and Rory unsurprisingly agrees with no hesitation. Lorelai, also unsurprisingly, expresses her own reluctance at the idea, but Luke wins her over with double chocolate brownies. (Double chocolate does NOT mean two kinds of chocolate, but rather a baking error resulting in double the appropriate amount of cocoa powder and therefore requiring Lorelai's superhuman chocolate tolerance. "God, I love being special," she sighs.)

MANDY: Hi, gang! Happy to be back. This whole tutoring situation really makes me want to pull Jess aside and tell him "You would get Rory in a hot second if you were more willing to crack a book for school and study." But I know that's only partly true. Rory is increasingly blind to Jess' faults, and it brings out her reckless streak. She even asks Lorelai to lie to Dean should he call (he's out of town, visiting his grandma), which Lorelai wisely refuses to do.

MEREDITH: The tutoring session gets pretty HOT HOT HOT, with lots of eye-making and flirting and magic tricks (it never ceases to amuse me that Jess thinks he's such a badass but he's super into magic). They take a ride in Rory's car (you know, the one Dean built her) and Jess drives/flirts as Rory tutors/flirts. An animal darts in front of the car and Jess crashes into a bench, totaling the car and slightly fracturing Rory's wrist. Rory calls Lorelai from the hospital, and good god every time Lauren Graham has to act terrified on her daughter's behalf she slays me. She rushes to the hospital and comforts Rory, and then marches to Luke's to SCREAM at him for allowing Jess into their lives. It's a really bad fight, and it breaks my heart.

Luke finds Jess sitting mournfully on their bridge, and they have a sweet, sad conversation, then Jess heads back out of town to New York. When Lorelai and Rory hear about Jess' sudden exit, they both feel awful about it - but for different reasons.

But hey, at least Lorelai and Christopher have made up from their big blowout! At first they're still not talking to each other, but Rory's accident brings them back together and they make up beautifully. Finally, in Stars Hollow Festival news, it's the annual Stars Hollow Movie in the Park Festival, and Taylor furiously surrenders his crown of movie-choosing to Lorelai after she gives him a hard time about picking The Yearling every year(...ling). After spending ages poring over the limited list of available titles, Lorelai chooses...The Yearling!

MANDY: This episode ushers Christopher back onto the scene, and I, for one, missed him. Whether you are Team Luke, Team Christopher, or Team Al (of Pancake World fame), you do have to admit that these two are so good at communicating. They have a really great regard for each other and are comfortable saying "My feelings are hurt, and here's why!" Their makeup scene in this episode is a personal fave, and Christopher shows great awareness at knowing just what to say to calm Lorelai down.

This is in direct opposition to how off the rails Luke and Lorelai go after the accident. When Meredith says "bad," the girl is NOT referring to "awesome in the '80s." This fight had yelling, tempers lost, even some requests to visit H-E-double hockey sticks. They both have every right to be upset, but it's almost like they are intentionally provoking one another by the end of their fight.

How many times do I have to drink?


How many cups of coffee do the Gilmore girls drink? 


Flirtation quota: 

MEREDITH: Lorelai and Chris are pretty cute in the kitchen as they make up from their fight, but who are we kidding - Rory and Jess flirted so hard this week IT BROKE HER WRIST AND TOTALED HER CAR.

MANDY: While it does not diminish my ultimate Team Luke-ness, this is a really great Lorelai/Christopher episode. They're so sweet and flirty when they're talking about Rory, and just WATCH Lorelai melt when Christopher says that Rory comes first, before Sherry.

Best/most dated pop culture reference:

MEREDITH: After settling for The Yearling against her conscience, Lorelai hears a knock at the door: "Oh, that must be Pauline Kael rising from the dead."

MANDY: Agreed, and self-shoutout, because while taking notes during this episode, I spelled "Kael" right the first time. No leafy greens here!

Sookie’s best dish of the episode/ Michel Madness:

MEREDITH: Our two fave Independence Inn employees are scarce this week.

MANDY: My theory is that Sookie and Michel were about to say hi to the Girls in Doose's Market, but when they saw that their groceries consisted solely of Easy Mac and Twinkies, both of their heads popped off and they spent the rest of the episode in surgery.

Lorelai’s craziest outfit: 

MEREDITH: I'm not sure what's going on with this shirt, but I AM sure it looks extra crazy paired with a pink suede peacoat.

MANDY: I can't even... Just...agreed, Meredith.

Kirk insanity: 

MEREDITH: Oh no freaking contest. (MANDY: Brace yourselves, you guys.) Kirk approaches Lorelai, asking if she can open the movie with his experimental short film. Mandy did the honor of finding it for all of us:

Best Gilmore Gal witticism:

MEREDITH: Lorelai is so sweet when she's babying Rory, not giving her a second to feel bad about the car accident. After they get home from the hospital, Lorelai sets Rory up in bed with a bell, some junk food, magazines, books and CDs, including Sinead O'Connor - "because when life gets you down, Sinead’s really the one to teach you some perspective."

MANDY: I'm actually giving the honor to Christopher. In reaction to Kirk's movie, Christopher observes that "This town is like one big outpatient mental institution." To which Lorelai replies, "Glad you could join us." The pleasure is all ours, Gilmore.

Random observation:

MEREDITH: Even though these are good episodes for Jess, I still don't feel much better about him. He's still disrespectful to Luke and cavalier with Rory's heart. That said, I love their talk in the car, as he promises her he'll help her become Christiane Amanpour and she gives him the most wonderfully earnest pep talk, telling him he can do and be anything he wants if he just stops slacking off. She is so good for him. I only wish he were even close to as good for her.

MANDY: I just find it so frustrating that he won't even study when Rory asks him to do it. I do, however, like it when he's finally taken down a notch on the rebel teen meter in the scene with Luke after the accident. He's sad, remorseful and, if I didn't know better, maybe even a little scared.

2.20 "Help Wanted"

MEREDITH: Richard's in the process of opening his own business - he's now president and CEO of The Gilmore Group, an international insurance consulting firm, whatever that means! No one seems quite sure.

MANDY: Meredith, Emily TOLD us: he consults with international clients on insurance matters! I mean, it's so...clear and...wait. What is it again?

MEREDITH: His decades-long secretary (that's HIS word; I'd prefer executive assistant) Margie declines to take a paycut and join Richard in this new endeavor, so Lorelai kindly offers to help out for a few days to get him organized. They have quite an adorable time together - going to Staples, sharing lunch, getting his office in order, and I love seeing Richard grow increasingly impressed with Lorelai's fearless business acumen. He gets attached to her and doesn't want to hire a new secretary, but she reminds him she has to go back to her ACTUAL job, and he gets a little pouty about it. However, after she attends his launch party and compliments him on scoring a deal (he bagged the Swede!), they make up with lots of smiles and affection. Great Richard episode!

MANDY: Fun fact: I worked in my dad's office in high school. While the terrified children were off-putting (he was a dentist, not the boogeyman), I had the greatest time hanging out with him every day. When Lorelai and Richard hang out in his office, having sandwiches, it made me very wistful, as my dad and I used to do the exact same thing. It just warms my heart to no end when Lorelai and Richard have a moment.

MEREDITH: Meanwhile, Rory is super grumpy. Her wrist hurts and she's tired of everyone in town blaming last week's accident all on Jess and treating her like a precious little victim incapable of doing wrong. Even Dean doesn't blame her for anything - he just bottles it all up and pretends like she totally did not let that guy he hates wreck the car he built her while they were driving around flirting. But what is actually bothering Rory is simple: she misses Jess.

MANDY: I'm really bothered most by Dean's reaction. He should be furious with Rory for letting Jess drive her car and for driving around with Jess in the first place. Instead, he just grumpily asks if she wants to stay for dinner, deciding that he's more happy that Jess is gone than mad that Rory messed up (as did Jess, but Rory is still accountable for her part, too). He doesn't even ask if she's okay! Poor form, Dean, and shame on you for kicking the ground like a tantruming child!

MEREDITH: Also - a new music store has opened in town, and Lane is in LOOOOVE with a drum set she finds there. After stalking it for several days, she gets the owner (Sophie) to agree to let her practice on the drums for free, mostly because Sophie pities Lane for her tofu and bible study-filled existence.

MANDY: Get ready for a fun new era for Lane, folks. She's a drummer now!

MEREDITH: Finally, Lorelai is convinced everything will be okay with Luke - until she and Rory arrive at his diner to discover he's "Gone Fishin'." With Luke, that is not just a clever sign. He's gone out of town and locked up the diner without a word to anyone, and this does NOT bode well for their friendship. While Rory's storming around town late at night, she runs into Luke as he unpacks his truck from his trip. He invites her inside the diner to talk and she tells him solemnly, "It wasn't his fault." Luke sighs, "I know it wasn't." Aww. (But seriously, it was his fault - he was scarcely looking at the road the whole time they were in the car! But I agree Rory is also to blame.)

How many times do I have to drink?


How many cups of coffee do the Gilmore girls drink? 


Flirtation quota: 

MEREDITH: Zip, zilch, nada for Lorelai and Rory, but Richard is super cute and buys Emily Post-its from Staples! I love it when my husband surprises me with office supplies. (No, seriously.)

MANDY: Agreed! It was just so thoughtful that he was thinking of gifts for Emily while running business errands.

Best/most dated pop culture reference:

MEREDITH: Sophie is played by Carol King, the singer of the Gilmore Girls theme song! (A song I never ever ever get tired of hearing.)

MANDY: I loved Carole King as a kid, and still do! If you aren't familiar, watch her "Chicken Soup With Rice" kids' special. We did it as a school recital in fourth grade, and I can still remember parts of it!

Sookie’s best dish of the episode: 

MEREDITH: Sookie, get back here! We're hungry!

MANDY: Sookie is gone, Luke's is closed. These Gilmores are going to starve to death!

Lorelai’s craziest outfit: 

MEREDITH/MANDY: Whatever this shirt is.

Kirk insanity: 

MEREDITH: He applies to work at Sophie's music store (drink!) and assures her that he has a license to carry a gun, if that helps. (MANDY: Spoiler alert - it does NOT help.)

Michel madness:

MEREDITH: Lorelai and Rory settle for breakfast at the super kitschy The Hungry Diner in lieu of Luke's...and they run into Michel there! Apparently that's where he likes to enjoy a quiet egg white omelette with no oil, and he is VERY displeased to discover the Gilmore girls infringing on his territory.

MANDY: I love how mad he gets when Lorelai asks to take a bite!

Best Gilmore Gal witticism:

MEREDITH/MANDY: When Emily wants to know where Margie's loyalty lies, Lorelai suggests, "Oh, gee, I don’t know, maybe with the company that’s keeping her from having to stand in line for government cheese?"

Random observation:

MEREDITH: Here is where I repeat Babette's amazing story in full as she tries to relate to Rory's Jess troubles: "Geez, it’s so hard being a woman, isn’t it? I mean, you’ve got your morals and your standards and your good common sense and then BAM! You meet some guy and all that goes right out the window. For every good woman there’s a dirty little wolf just ready to lead her astray. You can’t help it, he’s got the eyes, the chin, the chest hair you could carpet your dining room with... I mean, what’s a woman to do? We’re not made of steel for God’s sake! I was in a cult once, did I tell you that? I met this guy once – gorgeous, tan, looked just like Mickey Holiday. We had coffee, he gave me a pamphlet. Next thing you know, I’m wearing a muumuu, playing a tambourine, jumping up and down at the airport."

MANDY: Three cheers for Babette, the Leah Remini of Stars Hollow! 

2.21 "Lorelai's Graduation Day"

MEREDITH: This is some episode, you know? Lorelai's graduating from the business community college she's been attending for the past few years, and Rory is SO excited for her. Lorelai's at first tempted to not make a big deal of it, but Rory ain't havin' that, and she insists they make a to-do of it. Lorelai starts to get in the spirit of it and invites Sookie and Jackson, but she doesn't invite her parents because she thinks they wouldn't want to go due to the negative associations they have of Lorelai dropping out of high school. Rory invites them surreptitiously (and adorably), and Lorelai is shocked when they show up. She's also a little embarrassed because of course Emily's brought a videographer and a florist and all manner of madness. But who isn't there? Why, Rory. (MANDY: preemptive shame on you, Rory!  I'll let Meredith explain, though.)

Rory's been missing Jess like mad, and after a brief, awkward phone call, she just loses it. She skips class, takes a bus to New York, finds him in Washington Square Park (somehow?) and they spend an INCREDIBLY cute day together. It's an episode in which we don't see a single moment of Sullen Jess, and I can start to see why he has this immense online following. He's hella cute. After a hot dog and a record store outing and lots of fish out of water hilarity with Rory ("Do they allow hot dogs in the subway?"), Rory takes the bus home. But it's majorly delayed, and she realizes she's going to miss her mother's graduation. She is BEREFT.

Lorelai continues to be embarrassed by her parents' antics (not helped by the constant mocking she's receiving from a snotty co-graduate played super randomly by Seth MacFarlane!), until her name is called and she glances out in the audience to find the below scene. Everyone is crying, ESPECIALLY ME. (MANDY: Oy, me too. When Meredith showed me these gifs, we both had to go sit alone for a while.)

MANDY: Lorelai's graduation is such a wonderful moment for them that I'm almost glad that Rory got stuck on her bus. The dynamic of Lorelai as a daughter who's embarrassed but proud she's made her parents happy, Emily as the mom, trying not to cry, Richard all puffed up with pride...  It lets us see Lorelai not just as Rory's mom who always has the right thing to say, but rather as Richard and Emily's kid, who is happy for her own accomplishment and even happier at how proud it has made her parents.

MEREDITH: Lorelai and her parents share an incredible moment of healing after all they've been through, and they take the traditional grad picture together and my heart soars and breaks at once. But not as much as Lorelai's when she learns that Rory never made it. She goes home, angry and hurt that the one person she wanted there most missed her graduation, until she takes pity on Rory, who is truly the SORRIEST any human being has ever been since the history of time. I mean, girlfriend is sorry. She tells Lorelai everything, and says she must be losing her mind, until Lorelai reluctantly points out that Rory is just falling for Jess. Rory still doesn't want to admit it, so she and Lorelai go out to dinner to celebrate Lorelai's achievement. Rory says, "I don't deserve it," and Lorelai says, "No. But I do." and then I cry some more, okay?

MANDY: I'm down the line in agreement with Meredith thus far, but as a person that abhors a lack of punctuality in another person, I really must emphasize what a poor move it was on Rory's part to miss her mom's graduation. If she hadn't been so sincerely remorseful, I'd be even more up in arms over it, but as Lorelai put it above, while Rory may not deserve a night out, she does. That part really gets me!

MEREDITH: Also, Luke's still mad.

How many times do I have to drink?


How many cups of coffee do the Gilmore girls drink? 

Only 2, but they got all fancy and made them with a French press instead of their usual drip coffee maker!

Flirtation quota: 

MEREDITH: Chris sends Lorelai the sweetest basket to celebrate her graduation, including lots of funny typical teen grad gifts and a beautiful pearl necklace (dirty!), but honestly, Rory and Jess are so incredibly cute this episode no one else could ever compare.

MANDY: I love the basket! Regardless of who you want with Lorelai, the man has undeniable game!

Best/most dated pop culture reference:

MEREDITH/MANDY: When Lane says of her drum practicing progress, "I've almost nailed the fill in the Ramble On. I just have to stop hitting my face with the sticks when I pull my arms back," Rory replies, "John Bonham had that same problem."

Sookie’s best dish of the episode: 

MEREDITH: BEST FRIEND EVER. She makes a graduation cap cake (or as Lorelai calls it "a tassle hat cake") for Lorelai filled with two pounds of crushed chocolate-covered espresso beans!

MANDY: While I do super dig her BFF cake, I must give Sookie the trophy for the bacon and eggs breakfast she makes them. I love how much she loves to cook for those girls!

Lorelai’s craziest outfit: 

MEREDITH: It was hard to get a good picture, but these are red pants embellished all the way down one leg with a giant black rose pattern. In other words, hideous.

MANDY: I think it's probably best that the pants were hard to capture. If matadors had backup dancers, they would wear these pants.

Kirk insanity: 


Michel madness:

MEREDITH/MANDY: We learn how dignified his high school graduation was. "Poetry was read, a string quartet played, a ballerina performed."

Best Gilmore Gal witticism:

MEREDITH/MANDY: We love when Rory and Lorelai are mocking Dean for his afternoon of skeet shooting. Their questions are amazing. "When you hit them, does blood come out?" "What if you accidentally hit a real pigeon? Does that count?" "What if a clay pigeon hits a real pigeon, does that count?"

Random observation:

MEREDITH: So baller that Richard gives Lorelai an envelope of money at her graduation. "Put it toward something fun." My heart is melting!

MANDY: I really, really, REALLY hate how Jess has his money crumpled up into tiny nuggets. He's such a rebel that he can't even fold money and put it in his pocket!

2.22 "I Can't Get Started"

MEREDITH: GAH, this episode breaks my heart. Okay, Sookie and Jackson's wedding is approaching and everything seems to be going smoothly in spite of some kilt-related kerfuffles. She's catering the wedding herself (obviously) and still remaining suspiciously calm for the most part, so I guess it shouldn't surprise us when she eventually melts down the way she does. (MANDY: At least she melts down in her full wedding finery. So it's a pretty panic attack!) Chris has been hanging around quite a bit, and he finally admits to Lorelai that he and Sherry are on the outs. Lorelai can't quite contain her glee. (MANDY: Nor can we!) She invites him to Sookie and Jackson's wedding, and he accepts happily. The night before the wedding, Lorelai's working late at the inn to finish decorating, and Chris comes downstairs from the room where he's staying. She talks wistfully of Sookie and Jackson's love, and they cuddle a little on the couch, and before you know it - they're doing it! But, like, in a sober, responsible way! Like, it's a good thing! They talk of the future and decide to give it a shot - to really try to be a family with Rory. Lorelai seems so happy. SIGH.

Meanwhile at Chilton, Paris is running for student body president, and polls run by Madeline and Louise show that no one likes her because she's terrifying. She bullies Rory into running as her VP to soften Paris' image, and they win the election. They're invited to spend the summer in DC for some nerd conference, and Rory tells Dean she's not yet sure if she's going or not.

At the wedding, Lorelai and Chris are kissing and looking overjoyed and madly in love, and Rory's cautiously optimistic, but Lorelai has thrown caution to the wind and is only optimistic. She even tells HER MOTHER, which - as you know - is a super rare thing for Lorelai, and Emily is thrilled, as well. (MANDY: Relish this moment, you guys.) And THEN Sherry calls. She's pregnant. Chris tells Lorelai he has to leave the wedding and go be with Sherry, because he messed it up once with Rory, and he missed everything, and he doesn't want to miss everything with this new kid. God, Lorelai is CRUSHED. My heart, she breaks.

MANDY: Lorelai! Tell him not to go! Speaking more objectively, she might've pointed out that he'd now be screwing up with Rory TWICE, in favor of Sherry's baby, but either way, some kid of his is getting screwed over, so I guess he might as well start fresh. But, oy...  Lorelai's face goes from 60 to 0 and my heart debris joins Meredith's on the floor.

MEREDITH: Finally, Jess has returned, and he tells Luke he wants to live with him again. Luke tells him things will have to be different, and Jess willingly agrees. (Spoiler: things won't be different at all.) Jess stands outside the wedding, looking for Rory, and when she sees him she runs over and this happens, and I have to admit it's pretty major.

Rory then runs away and stands by a shell-shocked Lorelai, pretty shell-shocked herself, and mutters to Lorelai just before they walk down the aisle that she's going to DC for the summer, after all. Lorelai just stares forward stonily and says, "Oh. Okay." MY HEART CAN'T TAKE IT GIVE LAUREN GRAHAM ALL THE EMMYS.

MANDY: This is the second time that Rory has a first kiss with a boy only to run away immediately after.

How many times do I have to drink?

12. (MANDY: Maybe add a couple to calm down after that ending.)

How many cups of coffee do the Gilmore girls drink? 


Flirtation quota: 

MEREDITH: Well, you know, Rory and Jess kissed, no big deal. But good lord almighty, Chris and Lorelai are so heart-smashingly sweet in this episode. My favorite part is when Lorelai teases him that he got a hotel room because he was hoping to get lucky, and Chris replies, "I never dreamed I'd get this lucky." SWOON.

MANDY: This episode is a total flirtfest. It encapsulates every reason I'm torn about Christopher. Again, I love Luke, but watch this episode and tell me you're not briefly happy for Christopher and Lorelai.

Best/most dated pop culture reference:

MEREDITH: So good - Lorelai: "So, guess who’s in the process of breaking up?" Rory: "Brad and Jen?" Lorelai: "Bite your tongue!" Sorry to break it to you, Lorelai...

MANDY: Inside note: when we were watching and heard that line, we both said "Awww..." simultaneously. RIP, Brad and Jen.

Sookie’s best dish of the episode: 

MEREDITH/MANDY: God, we love the scene in the kitchen with Lorelai and Sookie. Lorelai comes downstairs for a post-coital snack to find this:

Look at that incredible cake! But also the lady's cracking up, trying on her dress and veil because she's convinced there's something wrong with them and then freaking out about the sugared daffodils and divorce and all sorts of other cold feet things. Lorelai sweetly talks her down from that ledge, and tells her about Chris (Sookie's thrilled), and then, as Sookie's calmed down and about to go home, Lorelai says so happily to her, "Sookie, you're in your wedding dress. You're beautiful." Oh, these two!

Lorelai’s craziest outfit: 

MEREDITH: I know it's her PJs, and may no man ever judge me for my PJs, but man, these are crazy PJs.

MANDY: I think it's the combo. Either the pants or the top, Lor, but not both at once.

Kirk insanity: 

MEREDITH: Kirk's hoping to meet some ladies at the wedding because

MANDY: I met a lady at a wedding once. Don't lose hope, Kirk! Also, might I say, Kirk looks dapper in his suit!

Michel madness:

MEREDITH/MANDY: Since Lorelai's in the wedding, Michel is running it, and he is NOT happy about that. He and Lorelai have the greatest bit where he keeps saying he's going home with a perfunctory "unless you'd like me to stay," and Lorelai keeps telling him she'd love him to stay, until he finally snaps: "Okay, see, once again, my English not so good. One more time. I am going home now after working six hours longer than I usually work and performing tasks I despise and am ashamed of, and now I am going home to wash off the stench of this horrifying day. That is, unless, for some unknown godforsaken reason, you need me to stay."

Best Gilmore Gal witticism:

MEREDITH: The ultimate Gilmore Girls catchphrase!

MANDY: Also, Emily's whole pity invite rant. Say what you will, but the woman has a PhD in social etiquette.

Random observation:

MEREDITH: Even knowing everything I do about the way this show ends and what happens with Lorelai and Christopher, I still can't help but root for them every time I see this episode. That said, in this episode Lorelai approaches Luke and he freezes her out in the most heartbreaking way ("I want Luke back!" "He's standing right here." "No, he's not."), making it clear that he has no interest in ever being her friend again despite her repeated apologies for their fight over Jess. I can't help but wonder, and maybe it's just me, but would she ever have given Chris a chance if she and Luke weren't on the outs?

MANDY: I think that same thing a lot, but so many relationships happen that way. Luke made it clear that he doesn't even want to be her friend anymore. She gave him space, time and several apologies, and he just couldn't let the grudge go. My new "team" is "Team Whoever Is Going To Make Lorelai Happy." At least for now, Luke has crossed over from adorable curmudgeon to grudge holding and mean, so yeah, Christopher wins!  Until the end of the episode!  Then I want Lorelai to just eat a sandwich with her dad again. Maybe it'd cheer her up. 


So there you have it, pals! We were so thrilled to cover these episodes for you, as the end of Season Two is really quite a triumph. Meet Meredith back here next Wednesday morning for the first three episodes of Season Three: "Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days," "Haunted Leg" and "Application Anxiety"!

And we leave you with a question, dear FYAers, and it's a big but easy one: what's your favorite episode of Season Two? Actually, two questions: do you think Lorelai would have given her relationship with Chris a chance if Luke were still talking to her?

Meredith Borders's photo About the Author: Meredith Borders is a brewpub owner and freelance writer/editor living in Houston. Her dog's middle name is Hermione, and she makes purse decisions based almost entirely on their capacity to hold books.