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Camp 1x5: Heat Wave

There are so many Dance Academy actors on Twitter! Oh yeah, and some stuff happened on Camp.

Camp 1x5: Heat Wave

Previous episode: "Valentine's Day in July"

Hey there, campers. It's me, Posh D. You know, the glutton for punishment? The one who is letting her obsession with Dance Academy manipulate her into watching Camp every week? The one who keeps hoping for a spontaneous ballet routine in the middle of Little Otter? The totally deluded crazy person?

Yep, that's me. 

Maybe I'm becoming numb to the pain, but this episode was a teensy bit better than last week's. Um, like I said. DELUDED CRAZY PERSON. Anyhoodle, let's discuss!

Camp Awesome

- Okay, the soundtrack for this show really is top notch. (Fitz and the Tantrums!)

- Christian wearing an unbuttoned shirt for the entire episode except for when he was...

- ... shirtless. And sweaty. In bed.

- Abigail scrunching her nose. (Even though she was scrunching her nose at skeazy Miguel Santos.)

- Grace falling for Ethan, which hopefully means she will stop letting Buzz hit on her because she's too awesome for that shizz.

- Realizing that @DenaAmyKaplan (Abigail) tweets about the show while it's on the air (making it much more enjoyable to watch).

- Which then led me to the realization that SAMMY IS ON TWITTER (@thomgreen_). HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT?

- Which THEN led me to discovering lots of other Dance Academy stars on Twitter and creating a Twitter list! Five weeks of watching Camp = suddenly worth it.

Camp Terrible

- Buzz's "grown-up" stuff, a.k.a. the girls in bikinis fantasy, a.k.a. I NEED A CUP I CAN SPEW INTO.

- The idea of doing shots in a small, enclosed, crowded, un-air-conditioned space. That means I'm old, doesn't it?

- Buzz putting hot sauce down his pants. Although if that prevents future Buzzes from coming into the world, I'll allow it.

- Marina putting up with Christian's bullshizz. Girl, look, I get that he's hot (boy do I get it!) but trust me, I've seen this same thing before, and it doesn't end well. Just ask Tara.

Camp WTF

- Why does Christian insist on wearing that fedora? Stop trying to make the fedora happen!

- Seriously, how did I go this long without knowing that Tom Green is on Twitter? WHAT COULD POSSIBLY HAVE BEEN MORE IMPORTANT THAN KNOWING THAT?

I now turn this discussion over to the comments section. Hit me up with your raves/rants/WTFs. Also, if you guys all knew about Tom Green being on Twitter and didn't tell me, HOW COULD YOU? I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS.

Next episode: "Parents' Weekend"

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