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Camp 1x6: Parents’ Weekend

This episode of Camp was dramatic... ally bad.

Camp 1x6: Parents’ Weekend

Previous episode: "Heat Wave"

All of the promos for this episode of Camp were all DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA! Get ready for DRAMA! You won't believe this DRAMA! D-R-A-M-A!

Sigh. Camp, drama doesn't look good on you. I'm actually not sure what looks good on you, but it's definitely not drama.

Also, is it just me, or are the American accents getting worse as the series goes on?

Camp Awesome

- Sammy's dad is sooo adorable! And WAY better than his Dance Academy dad.

- Marina's mom's boxed wine.

- Ethan's point that Abigail's lack of having seen The Three Amigos reflects poorly on her character. Dubs true. (As does the fact that she's sleeping with Miguel but who's counting?)

- MIGUEL IS LEAVING! PRAISE THE LORD. You better not be teasing me, show.

- Sammy: "I don't understand your weird, mangled hip hop vernacular, Dad."

- Ethan calling Miguel "Nicholas Sparks." COLD BURN.

- Abigail is so g-d good at crying.

- Marina's mom on guys: "And for some reason, the worst ones always seem to know the right thing to say."

Camp Terrible

- Abigail's realization that when Miguel graduated from high school, she was four years old. Abigail, LOOK AT YOUR LIFE. LOOK AT YOUR CHOICES.

- Marina's mom liking Christian's hat. Of course she does. Also, DON'T ENCOURAGE HIM.

- Watching Buzz kiss a girl. VOM.

- Sammy getting sick. SAMMY DO NOT DIE ON ME. I SWEAR TO GOD.

- The show trying to make us cry with that hospital scene. Bish, plz. You're no Dance Academy.

Camp WTF

- The idea that anyone would switch exchange their kid for Buzz.

- Roger's dart buddy. I mean, what was happening there? And why?

So, campers, it's your turn to chime in with your opinions in the comments. Just remember-- no Dance Academy spoilers!!! (You can spoil Camp all you want.)

Next episode: "The Wedding"

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