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Cover Story: Strings

This week's cover story follows one high school goth's journey to convert the haters of the world through demon emo music.

Cover Story: Strings

It’s Monday Morning.  And, in point of fact, the first Monday I’ve had to work in weeks.  So I will be an extra sad panda today.  But Monday brings Cover Story, our weekly series where we write a fake plot description based on a novel's cover alone.  And sometimes with covers, you can’t  unsee certain things.  Which is why I’m on a Rosemary’s Baby kick today.  That, plus Alix and I recently read through My Immortal together, so you can see where this is going.  Apologies.

Strings: A Cover Story by Megan no h

In this remake of Rosemary’s Baby for the twenty-first century American gothic teen, 16-year-old Ramona can’t stand high school.  Filled to the brim with preppies, jocks and nerds, the students at her high school can’t appreciate Ramona’s taste in music, clothes or lifestyle choices.  Even the haters in the school administration like to crack down on Ramona's ripped tights and sexy schoolgirl minis.  Ramona can’t stand it anymore and picks up a book on Satanic rituals from her local library.  She performs a ritual asking the demons for help in banishing all the haters and tools of the man.  But nothing happens.  At least, nothing until the dreams.

Ramona begins having dreams of a sexy rock demon.  They make wild love every night.  It’s when she begins showing that Ramona starts to realize there may be more to her dreams than she thinks.  The students in her school begin gossiping about Ramona's unusually fast pregnancy.  They all have a guess at who the father is.  But only Ramona knows the truth.

Only several weeks after the dreams first began, Ramona goes into labor.  But it isn’t a baby that she births. It’s the sweetest, baddest rock guitar that has ever existed.  This isn’t any regular old guitar.  This guitar is infused with the power of a rock demon.  Those who listen to its music either begin worshiping at the feet of the emo rock gods, or are banished.  With this guitar, Ramona has the power to change the world.

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