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Your New Fake Girlfriend: Anna Kendrick

Welcome back to our occasional eye/soul candy series, in which we celebrate boys and girls whom you should immediately declare to be your new fake boyfriend/girlfriend! This time, we’re focusing on the lovely, the witty, the talented—Ms. Anna Kendrick.

Your New Fake Girlfriend: Anna Kendrick

If you’re not a huge Broadway/musical fan, you might not realize that Anna Kendrick has been acting since age 10. But if you have been paying attention to pop culture over the last few years, you know that Anna has been making some serious inroads into Hollywood culture. With roles in The Twilight Saga, Up In The Air and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Anna’s poised to become a household name—if she’s not one in your household already.

If you’re currently unfamiliar with Anna, fret not. I’m here to help you get better acquainted. Below are some stats, photos and video clips that will help you realize why Anna is (Pitch) Perfect for filling the role of Your Next Fake Girlfriend.

Fake Girlfriend Name: Anna Kendrick

Name says: Girl next door. There’s nothing pretentious about it; “Anna” says approachable and down to earth.

Date of Birth: Aug. 9, 1985

Age says: She’s a 90s chick, having grown up in the first heyday of neon and flannel. She’s younger than some, but older than many. She’s still often typecast into playing teenage roles in movies, but is slowly moving into more (young) adult roles.

Place of Birth: Portland, Maine (USA)

Birthplace says: Small town girl. Either loves lobster or is totally sick of it. Knows how to keep herself entertained when snowed in.

Education Background: Longfellow Elementary School, Lincoln Middle School and Deering High School, all in Portland

Education says: Anna is a product of U.S. public schools. She grew up just like many of us did, with hopes and dreams of becoming something more, and through perseverance and some serious talent, actually made it happen.

Where You've Seen Her: At age 12, Anna starred as Dinah in High Society on Broadway, for which she was nominated for a Tony (and became one of the youngest actors ever to earn the nomination.) After a few other theater roles, including a New York City Opera production of A Little Night Music, Anna had her first feature film role in 2003 in Camp.

Anna and I first met through her role in—yes, yes, I know—2008’s Twilight, in which Anna played a better-than-the-book version of Jessica Stanley. The next year, Anna starred opposite George Clooney in Up In The Air, for which she was nominated for an Oscar. (What a jump, amirite?) Anna reprised the role of Jessica in the rest of the Twilight Saga movies, but during those four years, also had roles in films such as Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, 50/50, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, End of Watch, and the FYA fave Pitch Perfect.

Where You’ll See Her Next: Anna has a role in the recently released Drinking Buddies opposite Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson, and roles in upcoming movies including Get a Job (with YA man-of-the-moment Miles Teller), The Voices (with Gemma Arterton and Ryan Reynolds), Happy Christmas (with Lena Dunham) and Life After Beth (with Aubrey Plaza, John C. O’Reilly and a bunch of other awesome people). And in 2014, Anna will return to her musical theater roots with a role as Cinderella in the film adaptation of Into the Woods.

Geeze, Anna. Busy enough?

If you’re more of a visual learner, I hope the clips and photos below will help you better understand why you and Anna are total BFF material.

Anna’s Twitter feed is one of the most entertaining I’ve ever read. Here are some recent gems:

No. 3 above refers to the video for “Cups,” Anna’s hit song from the More From Pitch Perfect soundtrack, which you can view below.



Pitch Perfect is full of aca-awesome Anna moments, but this one in particular showcases her mad rap skillz.



Anna’s totally method, too. In this appearance on Conan, she explains how she psyched herself up to do the rap part on the movie’s official soundtrack. (And reveals a “dirty” love of Taco Bell.)



Her musical prowess doesn’t stop with hip hop. She’s a connoisseur of many genres, including K-pop.



She’s not only gifted musically, however. Her acting chops are award-worthy (and Oscar-nominated).



She’s also one of the most entertaining parts of The Twilight Saga.



Basically, being girlfriends with Anna would mean being entertained 24/7/365. And who doesn’t want that?




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