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Camp 1x7: The Wedding

In which Posh finally gives up on Camp.

Camp 1x7: The Wedding

Previous episode: "Parents' Weekend"

Guys. I tried. I REALLY did. I thought my love for Dance Academy could overcome all of Camp's flaws, because seeing Sammy and Abigail's beautiful faces was enough.

And then the show went and got rid of Abigail.

Even if it's just temporary, this is a transgression I can never forgive. Especially because I just lost half of my motivation for watching. And also, WHY WOULD YOU GET RID OF ABIGAIL? YOU FOOLS!!!!!

So I hope you enjoy (?) my final analysis of a Camp episode, and I humbly ask all of you to triple your prayers to the Netflix Gods so we can get Dance Academy Season 3 in the States, thereby giving me another (and far, FAR better) excuse to talk about Sammy and Abigail.

Camp Awesome

- Sammy's cute little opening sequence.

- Buzz actually saying something not awful and even funny! "But his hats make me angry. Did he bring a suitcase full of hats to camp? Because it's different every time." And then later, "Hey, is that your hiking fedora?"

- Sammy refusing to slut-shame Abigail. Because Sammy is the best person in the world.

- Grace as The Wedding Planner. Girl can be fierce, and I like it.

- Christian acting extra douchey. Like, I'm not sure what that heart fist bump peace sign thing was but YES.

- Christian dancing at the wedding. FINALLY!!!! Marina, you couldn't wait TWO MINUTES for him to finish those sweet moves? UGH.

 - No Miguel in this episode!

- Sammy and Marina kissing!! Yay! I'm glad that was my final moment with the show.*

Camp Terrible

- Everyone slut-shaming Abigail. SHUT YOUR PIE HOLES, BISHES.

- The gay bacholer party. When Raffi said, "I feel like I should be offended, but this is everything I've ever wanted," I was like, NOPE, you should just be offended.

- Camp trying to teach us all a lesson about the validity of gay marriage and then cutting away right when the gay kiss happened. REALLY, SHOW? Another reason that I am DONE WITH YOU.

- As I already mentioned, ABIGAIL IS LEAVING?!!!!!!

Camp WTF

- So Cole is considered for a job as an assistant baseball coach for a COLLEGE TEAM after years of hanging out as the camp handyman? Seriously? At least the show didn't expect us to suspend our disbelief enough for him to actually get it.

- Casey the Blonde Bartender. I mean, what was that? Because it certainly wasn't acting.

- Why is Roger the lead singer of the wedding band?

And thaaaaat about wraps it up. Feel free to leave your comments/rants/WTFs in the comments section so we may bitch discuss further.

For those of you who will continue to watch the show, godspeed. I'll see you when Abigail is back in pointe shoes.

*I'm pretending that I didn't watch the trailer for next week, which tries to scare us into thinking that Marina is preggo.

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