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The Club Is Jumpin’, Jumpin’: Omaha Edition

Introducing the newest feature for showing off the FYA Book Clubs! First up: Omaha -- with a special appearance by Rainbow Rowell, author of August pick, Eleanor & Park!

The Club Is Jumpin’, Jumpin’: Omaha Edition

Welcome to FYA's brand new feature for bragging about our awesome (and worldwide!) book clubs! This inaugural edition takes us to Omaha, home of the lucky book club that got to hang out with the author of our August pick, Eleanor & Park, Rainbow Rowell! Here's the scoop on the Omaha chapter (plus a recap of their meeting with Rainbow!).

Which club are y’all from?

Omaha, Nebraska (find them on Facebook here)

When did your club get started?

May 2012

Where is your club’s fave hangout?

We mix it up every month, switching between coffee houses and restaurants. We love the dessert happy hours at Wheatfield’s Bakery and Jones Bros. Cupcakes. We also have several members who live in an apartment complex that has an awesome clubhouse.

What has been your club’s favourite book club pick so far? What did y’all like about it?

We all really loved Eleanor & Park (and we’re not just saying this because the author was there) - the writing and story were just so beautiful. And we all loved or at least enjoyed Code Name Verity too - the characters were amazing and their story was intense. Not all of us had finished reading it by the time we met, and I remember it was very hard for those who had read it to talk about it without giving any spoilers.

Which FYA book club selection has been the most divisive? What separated the people who loved it from the people who hated it?

We really struggled with The Princesses of Iowa - I think it hit too close to home for our native Iowans. We were split between those who found the characters super frustrating and those who related well to it. I also know the group was pretty divided on Ashes and The Raven Boys, but I don’t remember why.

If you could have any YA author visit your club, who would it be and what's the number one question you would ask him/her?

Well, since we already had Rainbow Rowell, I think most of us would agree next we want John Green! It’s hard to think of the main question, mostly he’s just so impressive and fascinating that we want to hear whatever he has to say.

What kind of extracurricular activities has your club participated in?

We have done a couple of movie nights! We watched Howl’s Moving Castle together after we read it and we did Pitch Perfect this summer. We want to set one up this fall for Warm Bodies too. We meet in this great apartment complex clubhouse theater and bring snacks and drinks to share.

Tell us about the best field trip your club has been on!

None yet, but after talking with Rainbow, we are hoping to take a field trip to Kansas City in November for a library fundraiser. Here in Omaha there’s a launch party for her new book Fangirl coming up soon at our local indie bookstore, and the Omaha Public Library (where several of us work) is having an author event in October - so we are definitely going to be hitting those too.

What’s the best part about being in a FYA book club?

As cliché as it sounds, we have all become great friends. It is so great to meet with a group of adults every month who actually want to read and discuss books - and YA ones at that! For the new people who have moved here and joined through the blog, I know they’ve found it a great way to feel more settled in the city and have an instant group of friends.

BONUS! Author Rainbow Rowell was actually in attendance for the Omaha book club's Eleanor & Park meeting! As if you're not jealous enough already, here's what happened: 

I still can’t believe Rainbow Rowell came, and I can’t believe how generous she was. She spent over 2 hours with us at that coffee house - she answered every question we asked her, she signed all our books and she posed for pictures. It was so obvious how much she loved her books and her characters. We loved how much she had thought through everything. From the cover to the tiniest plot piece to her writing process, she had something deep to share about all our questions.

Thanks for stopping by, Omaha book clubbers and Rainbow! 

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