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No Death For The Weary

Mandy C.’s first real foray into the genius that is Patrick Ness’ imagination leaves her questioning her past reading choices everything. (George Carlin would be proud.)

No Death For The Weary

BOOK REPORT for More Than This by Patrick Ness

Cover Story: Holodeck Adventure
BFF Charm: Let Me Love You
Swoonworthy Scale: 2
Talky Talk: Runner’s High
Bonus Factors: Surprises
Relationship Status: Repopulate The Planet

I do not know how I’ve gone this long without having Patrick Ness’ genius in my life. And I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you much—#becausespoilers—but I can tell you that More Than This does. Not. Disappoint. Check out the rest of this review over at our series on Kirkus!

Also: This interactive cover for More Than This—featuring a video message from Mr. Ness—is pretty swank!

Mandy Curtis's photo About the Author: Mandy is a small town girl living in a nerdy world, or—if you want to get literal—an editor/writer living in Austin, TX. In addition to yearning for YA books—the more dystopian or fantastical, the better—she can also be found swooning over superheroes, dreaming of The Doctor and grinning at GIFs.