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How I Started My Very Own FYA Book Club

Mandy W. recaps the first meeting of the Edmonton FYA Book Club, for The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.

How I Started My Very Own FYA Book Club

Exciting news, y'all! Last week, I had my very first FYA Book Club meeting! Which is pretty ironic, since I've been overseeing the book clubs without ever having been to a meeting. BUT NO LONGER. Here's how the Edmonton FYA Book Club came to be!

1.  Write for FYA, take over book club responsibilities, and publish a lot of book club posts.

Well, I didn't say all of these steps would be applicable to you.

2.  Start an FYA Book Club.

For everyone who's not gunning to Single White Female me, here's the scoop on starting a new book club.

If there's no book club in your area and you're interested in joining one, just send us an email at fyabookclub [at] gmail [dot] com! (All our book club locations are listed here. You can also view them on a map -- including chapters in Australia and Europe!)

3.  Start recruiting!

Heh, I cheated here because I... didn't actually do most of it. The credit belongs to one of my fellow local bloggers, Elizabeth/AnimeJune of Gossamer Obsessions. Even though leading a book club doesn't require a two-person effort -- it typically just involve making executive decisions and (optionally) maintaining a social media presence -- our chapter is a little different, since I handle all correspondence with FYA, i.e. er, myself. 

Anyway, I'm grateful to have Elizabeth's help, since I'm keeping track of 120 (and counting!) full-fledged and potential FYA Book Clubs! Here's a map of all the active U.S. chapters by state -- currently in 34 of 'em!

4.  Read the current month's book club pick.

For reals -- READ THE 5TH WAVE.

5.  Attend the meeting.

For our first meeting, Elizabeth and I were joined by Beth and Caitlin. Here we all are, trying our hardest not to devour the spicy perogy pizza before us. 

(l-r) Caitlin, Beth, Mandy W., Elizabeth

To kick off our meeting*, we went around choosing which book we'd include in our apocalypse survival backpacks. Anddddd most of us cheated by choosing a series: Elizabeth picked Anne of Green Gables; Beth chose Lord of the Rings; and I took Harry Potter. However, Caitlin couldn't choose, since "how do you pick between your favourite children?"

*Well, the book discussion portion of our meeting, since we had already been gabbing about everything else before we remembered, "Oh right, book."

We all really enjoyed The 5th Wave, although Beth felt that she liked the book more while she was reading it than she did afterwards. But we're all planning to check out its sequel, The Infinite Sea, and we did tons of speculating on what it'll be about. 

The rest of our book chat was pretty spoilerific, but we did some fantasy casting for the main characters. As you'll soon see, we reaaaally didn't cast age appropriately. (Sorry, Hollywood peeps producing the film adaptation -- you'll have to do your own work!)

Caitlin picked Anna Kendrick for Cassie, and Beth cast Zefron for Zombie because Zreasons. Elizabeth suggested Alexander Koch for Evan, which fine OK, I'll admit that he's objectively handsome. But his character on Under the Dome was still horrrrrrible when I stopped watching, so NO NO RUINING IT. Esp. since we all thought Evan is hotter than Zombie. 

Our convo also veered off-topic a time or twenty. We reveled in being the third Canadian FYA Book Club, and, most importantly, beating our provincial rival Calgary in getting a book club. (To Calgarian readers who'd like to retaliate by starting a book club: GO AHEAD. Make my day. (No, really; that would make my day. Same goes for anyone else who wants to start a new chapter!))

We went through the shows we love (Scandal, Parks and Rec, Orphan Black) and the ones that we just can't quit (Grey's Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother). We talked YA adaptations -- Divergent! Catching Fire! -- in which I came up with the narcissistically-described great idea of Sam Claflin swapping roles with My New Husband Theo James . Because omg Theo James in strategically draped fish net. And to lessen that age gap between the Four actor and Shailene Woodley. But mostly that first reason. 

And I've already forgotten what cracked our shizz up, but I think we can all agree that this photo is THE BEST. 

6.  Repeat Steps 4-5 for every month afterwards.

I had such a fun time at our first meeting. Can't wait to do it all again next month!

If you're in the Edmonton area, OMG JOIN US! Check out our Facebook or Goodreads group, or email us at yegfyabc [at] googlegroups [dot] com. 

Want to join an FYA Book Club? We've got locations worldwide! Don't have one near you? Grab a cocktail, send us an email and start one today!

Mandy Wan's photo About the Author: Residing in Edmonton, AB, Mandy unabashedly loves YA lit, frozen desserts, and terrible puns.