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Netflix Fix: Jig

Posh gets jiggy with this documentary on the world of competitive Irish Dancing.

Netflix Fix: Jig

Title: Jig
Year: 2011
Fix: Dance Documentary

Netflix Summary:

This documentary goes behind the scenes at the fiercely competitive 40th Irish Dancing World Championships, where dancers from around the world don flashy costumes and dance their hearts out for top honors.

FYA Summary:

IT'S A DANCE DOCUMENTARY, YOU GUYS. What more do you need to know?

Familiar Faces:

Unless you're hard core obsessed with competitive Irish Dancing, you've never heard of anyone in this movie. But allow me to highlight the kids with whom you will 100% fall in love.

Brogan McCay

Brogan is an angel sent from heaven. She has THE BEST Scottish accent, tears up while talking about her dead grandma and, when discussing her dreams of winning the championships, says something like, "But that's just my wee wishes for my wee world." SOMEBODY SAINT THIS KID.

John Whitehurst

I mean, look at this dude. He is ADORABLE. He's also super passionate about dancing, even though everyone at school makes fun of him. I WANT TO PUT HIM IN MY POCKET IMMEDIATELY.

Sandun Verschoor

Sandun is a Sri Lankan raised by Dutch parents, and as a person of color, he stands out quite a bit in the world of Irish dancing. I admired his drive, and I wish more of the film had focused on his story.

Couch-Sharing Capability: High

This film is definitely enhanced by running commentary from the experts, i.e. your friends who have seen a few episodes of So You Think You Can Dance. No one in the film actually explains what makes for "good" Irish dancing, so it's important to be able to turn to someone and compare notes, even if you're just saying, "This all looks the same to me." Also, the shots of the moms and coaches reacting to the performances are crying out for group reenactments.

Recommended Level of Inebriation: Hello, Jameson

It's a movie about Irish dancing. OBVIOUSLY whiskey needs to be involved. It will also help calm your nerves when the judges call out the scores and you realize this is the most archaic system in the sports universe and seriously, no one has a calculator ready to tally up the totals? They just wait an agonizing five minutes for everything to show up on the big screen? It's enough to drive a woman to drink.

Use of Your Netflix Subscription: A Wee Bit Entertaining

This documentary is uneven and lacks focus, but if you're a sucker for dance movies like me, you'll still get a kick out of it. (See what I did there?!) Much like Toddlers and Tiaras, this film reveals the ridiculous glamorization of little girls, from crazy wigs to $2000 dresses, but it also offers an interesting glimpse into a world I barely knew existed. There's no doubt that these dancers are talented and passionate, and their legs alone outweigh my entire muscular system. So if you feel like getting jiggy with it, check out this film and then read this for some excellent catharsis. 

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