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Is This the Real Life? Is This Just Reality TV?

Mandy W. reviews Reality Boy by A.S. King, a book that she likes very much when it gets angry. 

Is This the Real Life? Is This Just Reality TV?

BOOK REPORT for Reality Boy by A.S. King

Cover Story: Technicolour Big Face
BFF Charm: Natalie Imbruglia
Swoonworthy Scale: 5
Talky Talk: A.S. King, Mofos!
Bonus Factors: Reality TV, SPED, Awesome Grownups
Anti-Bonus Factors: Patty Chase Award for Awful Parenting, Horrible Sister
Relationship Status: Truly Madly Deeply

Trufax: the morning I started reading this book, I almost got off at the wrong train station because I was so into it. Then laterwards, at the end of the day, I was reading and standing literally RIGHT IN FRONT of my bus stop, and the bus came and went without me noticing. Faced with the decision to wait half an hour for the next bus or to find an alternative arrangement, I chose the option that gave me more reading time, OBVS. It's also worth noting that neither thing has EVER happened to me with any other book. 

But if "Reality Boy Will Fuck Up Your Commute" is not enough of a review for you, read the rest of the book report over at our series on Kirkus! And don't forget to check out my interview with the YA superstar herself!

Mandy Wan's photo About the Author: Residing in Edmonton, AB, Mandy unabashedly loves YA lit, frozen desserts, and terrible puns.