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The Originals 1x04: Girl in New Orleans

In which a graduate psych student under mental compulsion babysits a powerful teenage witch, and it goes about as well as one might expect.

The Originals 1x04: Girl in New Orleans

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

Davina the Teenage Witch wants a night out -- which, if you’ve been keeping track, leaves Elijah’s body physically unprotected.  Even though Marcel has his reservations, he gives her permission – but only after Davina threatens him with magic, and he asks Cami to watch over her. Klaus compels Cami to agree, and later has Cami tell Davina to meet her fiddle-playing-crush, Tim, behind the music venue and later in the church where Davina is being kept.  Klaus threatens Tim’s life, Davina throws a magical fit, windows are broken – ah, young love!  In the end, Klaus uses his power to heal Tim’s life-threatening injuries as leverage in exchange for Davina’s supposed loyalty.  We’ll see how that goes.  It appears that Davina may need Marcel's protection more than she lets on.

"The lady with the sleeveless denim jacket is my babysitter? Okay."

The Tim/Davina scenario went a long way toward making me regard Davina as anything other than a powerful brat.  We learn that they were (high school?) classmates, but she suddenly disappeared and he had no idea where she went – but, he says, he’s happy to see her.  In these scenes, she’s less of a kept princess and more of a genuine teenage girl.  Also, I love that Davina takes her crush to a church for a semi-illicit rendezvous with a chaperone.  That’s the sort of absent-minded sacrilege that only a single-minded sixteen-year-old can accomplish.

"I'll have you know that this is the sleeveless denim jacket of Responsible Adulthood, missy."

Rebekah, for her part, finds out where Davina is being kept by asking Marcel’s minions for “gossip” about who Marcel is “dating.”  She does eventually find him, but the room is protected by a spell.  Elijah tells her to take care of Hayley while he tries to escape from his dagger ex machina.

It turns out that Elijah’s body – and Davina – are being kept in St. Anne’s church, which is notorious as the home of a priest who killed nine other seminary students.  The priest just happens to be Cami’s twin brother.   We found out that this is the entire reason Cami is in New Orleans -- she wants to figure out why he snapped.  Klaus tries to make her forget by telling her that the brother was mentally ill and to move on – and in a half empathetic, half selfish moment, he tells her that her brother is now at peace. (I still find Cami to be of flat affect and little interest.)

Meanwhile, witch Agnes convinces Hayley to visit a doctor in a foggy bayou – and the doctor turns on her with a big syringe full of an unspecified substance.  Hayley narrowly escapes the office and has a big showdown in the forest – just as it looks dire, Rebekah shows up and tells Hayley to run.  Rebekah wakes up in the bayou later, with an arrow in her heart, amidst all sorts of bodies.  Hayley shows up at the cabin (doctor's office?), dazed but healed, and asks to be taken home.  No one seems to have any idea what’s going on, but signs point to another werewolf protecting Hayley.

Oh, and Zombie Elijah shows up at the end, wanting to talk to Davina.  Reality?  Dream?  Hard to tell.

The Original Mythology

- Davina can make someone’s blood boil – literally. 
- Klaus tells Cami about compulsion as he is compelling her – and her consciousness disappears when he leaves.  Cami knows at that moment she is being compelled.  That seems to be par for the course, given that last week Joshua seemed to have that same awareness.
- Elijah can drag Rebekah into memories/flashbacks – and she didn’t know that was possible until then.
- Removing the dagger from Elijah even once can negate its power – that’s how Elijah can drag Rebekah into memories.  Davina doesn’t realize this.
- The vampire blood in Hayley’s baby healed her injuries faster than being a werewolf would.

The Original Body Count

- Unspecified number of bodies in the bayou where Rebekah saves Hayley.  We don’t know who killed them, exactly.

The Original WTF

- Cami diagnoses Klaus while under compulsion.  It’s fairly accurate, sure, but if she knows she’s being compelled, why would she tell the person who can alter her brain chemistry what is wrong with him?
- Klaus offers Cami a “job” as a stenographer – for his “memoirs.”  Oh, dear.
- I have a great idea: go to a OB-GYN “off the beaten path” in a foggy bayou.  Years of women’s history and horror movie premises say that Hayley should have absolutely no reservations.  Oh – wait.
- Marcel has “found his queen.” I sincerely hope it’s, oh, I don’t know, ANYONE BUT CAMI.  Except for Davina, I guess, because that would be even creepier.

The Original Joseph Morgan Award for Tortured Hot People

"Sometimes I'm too pretty, so I wear a ridiculous accessory just to level the playing field for everyone else."

Is it just me, or was this episode severely lacking in the smolder that seemed so omnipresent in the last three?  Except for the almost-kiss (again!) between Marcel and Rebekah, I wasn’t feeling this episode.  Even Joseph Morgan's lower lip didn't do it for me.  I'm not sure what it says about me that I find the show much hotter when Marcel and Klaus are aggressively swaggering, but there you have it.  No award this week.

So, what did you think? Will the writers ever trust us to know what's going on without a bunch of exposition? Did I somehow miss the hotness? Did Cami's Big Dark Secret surprise you? Is Marcel playing hard to get with Rebekah, or is he actually uninterested?

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