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Shirtless News: Meet Christian Grey (Again)

This week's edition of Shirtless News contains, like, actual news! But not a lot of pants, so NSFW-ish. 

Shirtless News: Meet Christian Grey (Again)

By now, y'all have probably heard that Jamie Dornan is the new Christian Grey. And being the scholarly scientist that I am, I conducted a thorough investigation into Jamie's body of work.

It's for science, you guys.  

No, really. I swear. 

Anyway. Jamie takes good care of his arms. 

Maybe it's all the stretching that he does. 

And he has that hip v-line thing going on. 

If you're into that, I mean. (And into sparkly scarf things.)

He also seems to be touching for his own butt a lot.

(But really, who could blame him?)

I don't know what he's doing with his arm here. Or with those pants on.

But penguins seem to like him.

As do Calvin Klein and body oil, both of whom he did prolific work with. Like for this ad campaign with Eva Mendes. 

Jamie also got to show off his range. Here he is, in black boxer briefs. 

And now he's in white briefs. It's like, WHO EVEN ARE YOU?

And one time, this happened: 

He's clearly upset that he's the only one not showing off his colourful undies. Yes, clearly. 

But back to the original topic of this oglefest post: is Jamie Dornan a good choice for Christian Grey? Everything I know about the character, I've learned from reviews like FYA's (shameless self-promotion!). But he wears suits, right? 

Surely this guy would be down for some lame bondage?

And penning unsexy contracts?

And whatever the hell he's planning to do with this saddle?

Lest you think I don't care about actual acting and shit, here's Jamie on Once Upon a Time.

And in case you missed the memo, the man once made a living by being in his underwear. 

So what say you, fellow scientists? 

Mandy Wan's photo About the Author: Residing in Edmonton, AB, Mandy unabashedly loves YA lit, frozen desserts, and terrible puns.