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Nashville 2x6: It Must Be You

Charlie Wentworth's back in town, which means Nashville just got a lot hotter.

Nashville 2x6: It Must Be You

HEY Y'ALL. I need to admit something up front-- I watched Nashville this morning, after a long night that involved whiskey and some poor decisions. So! I might not have picked up on everything in this episode.

With that said, Nashville isn't known for its subtlety, so we're probably okay.

Items for discussion:

- Robin Roberts playing Robin Roberts! I was suddenly overwhelmed with jealousy at the fact that Robin and Connie hung out and I wasn't included. You know those ladies had a good time together.

- Lady Lawyer says she isn't "threatened by Rayna." Well, YOU SHOULD BE, BISH.

- Charlie Wentworth is back with his hotness!!!!!! Thank you, show.

- Luke Wheeler has the hots for Rayna! He's no Deacon, but on the plus side, he's no Liam. And he can wear the shizz out of a cowboy hat.

- Scarlett and Avery slept together! AND I DIDN'T MIND. In other news, Hell has officially frozen over.

Best Rayna James Line:

Actually, I gotta give this one to a different James, Tandy, for saying, "You know you love big hat events." Because yes.

Rayna vs Juliette: (Who won?)

Juliette, FO SHO. Rayna had to beg snobby rich people for money and then see Deacon hang out with a woman who is inferior to her in ALL THE WAYS. Juliette got to have hot forbidden sexy times with Charlie Wentworth. Yes, that is a mistake that will haunt her later, especially since Charlie's wife caught them in the act, but damn, girl, I would totally make that mistake too.

Best Scene:

Um, I can't believe I'm going to say this but... Avery and Scarlett, getting all melty for each other? I KNOW, I KNOW. I must be on CRAZY PILLS or something, but that scene leading into the kiss was really, really sweet.

Best Sub-plot:

Juliette and Charlie! Obviously! Even when the writers tried to eff it up by making Juliette sing in a barn with the stable boys, I still enjoyed this plot line. My favorite part was when Charlie tried to out-sad-story Juliette, and she was all BISH PLZ. "I've got a bucket of sad stories that could top that one." Yes indeedy, you do.


- When Zoe said, "I feel like a super slutty bad friend." UM MAYBE BECAUSE YOU ARE? Not super slutty, because I'm not into slut shaming, but BAD FRIEND DEFINITELY.

Burning Questions:

- How long will it take for Olivia to seek revenge?!

- When Teddy finds out that Peggy isn't pregnant and tries to dump her, will she fly into a psychotic rage and kill him? Pretty please?

- Will I ever get invited to a Big Hat Event? Seriously, first Denim & Diamonds and now this. Nashville is making my current social calendar look LAME.

So did I miss anything? Leave your rants/raves/WTFery in the comments!

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