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Procrastination Pro-Tips: Happy November!

Your weekly dish of internet distractions.

Procrastination Pro-Tips: Happy November!

Happy day after Halloween!  (Errr, I guess technically, Happy Dia de los Muertos!)  Hope you all did something fun, but MAYBE NOT, because THURSDAY.  Anyway, let’s start off Halloween weekend-part 2 with some linkage!

Book Related Things

Buzzfeed has a new interview with Divergent’s Veronica Roth (and they even played a round of Would You Rather.)

Check out this awesome book map.

A roundup of literary tumblrs (plus Go Book Yourself, which gives you all sorts of book recs.)

What books would the Harry Potter characters read?  (Some of these picks are a bit meh, but Luna with Francesca Lia Block is pretty spot on.)

R.L. Stine telling spooky stories in a graveyard?!  (And our very own Poshdeluxe was there!)

A look at how best sellers have changed over the last 20 years.

Movie Related Things


Also, the Catching Fire IMAX poster is all sorts of awesome.  Plus, find out why Catching Fire has a drastically larger budget than the first film.  And…Catching Firechocolates?!  (WHY.)

And what I consider to be the BEST THING THAT HAPPENED ALL WEEK.  The Veronica Mars movie featurette!  So many new clips!  (But seriously though.  Logan.  Logan forever.)

Some interesting tidbits behind the making of everyone’s favorite Halloween movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

TV Related Things

Is CBS really going to reboot Charmed??  (But it’s just not old enough for a remake.  And like, isn’t it possible to create a NEW show about witches?  Doesn’t seem all that hard.)

Our first look at Jamie from the upcoming Outlander tv series.

More casting news for the BBC adaptation of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.

EW cast reunion photos, including Boy Meets World and more.

If the CW is to be believed, there are pretty much only two YA writers in the world.  That said, they are set to create a show based on another Sara Shepard series (one I’ve never even heard of.)

Ellen Degeneres is working on a new sitcom for NBC with a lesbian lead character.

Miscellaneous Things

Disney characters dressed up as other pop culture characters for Halloween.

Need more Emma in your life than Emma Approved can provide?  Maybe you’ll enjoy Emma Anonymous.

John Green gets us in holiday mood with videos on superstitions and candy.  Mmmm candy!

Check out the best pumpkins from around the web.

That’s all for this week!  Please share with us anything fun you found this week.  Or your favorite costumes from around the web.  (Though nothing will ever top Edgar Allan Ho, ever.)

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