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The Originals 1x07: Bloodletting

After thousands of years as siblings, it's no wonder Klaus and Elijah can do such spot-on imitations of each other.

The Originals 1x07: Bloodletting

Previously on The Originals: The internet goes crazy as the Hayley/Elijah flirtation quota reaches new heights.  Everyone is still trying to kill the hybrid baby, which angers each of the Original family members for different reasons.  Rebekah takes Marcel’s clothes off.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

I love this show so much that I want to marry it and have its hybrid plot device babies.  (This seems like as good a time as any to note that the next episode, unfortunately, won’t air until Nov. 26. Blast!)

Vampire Book Club is back and they mean business.

So many great moments and lines this week.  Hang on while I wistfully gaze into Marcel’s dimples.  Okay, let’s go.

The Hunt for Hayley begins with Klaus and Elijah dropping in on Marcel’s Vampire Fight Club, eliciting such gems from Elijah as “It appears we’ve interrupted a collection of filthy amateurs,” “Not the most attractive community,” “I could use a stroll through the countryside,” and Marcel, “I liked you better in that box.”  Who took her but an especially testosterone-y Tyler, convinced that Klaus only wanted the baby because he could make more hybrids with the child.  Tyler was right about the hybrids, as he demonstrates on werewolf Dwayne, but not about Klaus’ motivations – he seemed genuinely surprised and angry when Elijah and Hayley questioned his motives.

Better, though, were Elijah and Klaus needling each other on the way to find Hayley.   They are so clearly siblings in this moment, poking at each other’s weaknesses with the kind of accuracy you only get when you’ve grown up with someone.  Klaus torments Elijah about his feelings for Hayley, and Elijah looks down his stately nose at his brother for all of his wrongdoings.  When Klaus has it out with Tyler, rubbing his nose in the fact that he killed Tyler’s mother and threw a wrench in his relationship with Caroline, it feels like a direct result of Elijah’s condemnation.

Both Tyler and Klaus are in mega-asshole mode – Tyler wants to kill Hayley and her baby in order to spite Klaus and his desire for a family/army.  He kills Dwayne when the new hybrid, curiously sired to Hayley/her baby, tries to protect the pregnant girl.  Have we ever seen Tyler quite this dickish before? (Serious question -- I don't remember.)  Klaus, for his part, is furious that Elijah and Hayley doubt his intentions, and lashes out by biting Elijah and saying “I’ll play the role I’ve been given.”  It’s a great scene and perfectly portrays the most interesting dynamic on the show – obviously Klaus is single-minded, often sociopathic, and cruel.  Many times, though, he starts to show humanity (for example, with the baby, or compelling Cami to forget her pain), goes about it the wrong way, and is hurt when no one seems to appreciate it.  Elijah, on the other hand, is the perfect “noble” older brother to whom he can never compare. No wonder he has a complex.  

Meanwhile, Marcel confronts Josh about Klaus’ compulsion and has Davina wipe the effects away, which is quite painful.  When it’s over, Davina is supposed to wipe the baby vampire’s memory, but can’t quite bring herself to do it – she sees something of herself, I think, in the “gay club kid turned vampire.”  I suspect that this will come back to haunt her. 

Rebekah is also trying to find Hayley, which leads her to St. Anne’s.  She tosses Marcel around a bit and he takes her to the Garden, showing her the plans for the house he was going to build her.  I want so badly to believe Marcel is sincere, and he might be, a bit, but I fear she is being naïve and overlooking Marcel’s other motives in wooing her – he wants to kill Klaus, or at least imprison him in the garden.  Again, his words hit Rebekah where it hurts, just like Elijah’s hit Klaus and Klaus’ hit Tyler – Marcel rightfully points out that Rebekah will never be allowed to be happy when Klaus is running around, able to control her.    This leads to Rebekah betraying Klaus – and with Tyler teaming up with Marcel against Klaus, things aren’t looking good for Klaus’ humanity any time soon.

Marcel, the Martha Stewart of the underworld, gives this tip: fifty white candles in mismatched candleabras adds an air of class to any Vampire Fight Club soiree.

The Original Mythology

- Hayley’s baby – and by extension, Hayley herself while pregnant – can sire hybrids of her own, thanks to Tyler’s backwoods blood draw.  The new hybrids defer to her, not Klaus. (Side note: I can watch these characters snatch still-beating hearts from the chests of their foes, no problem, but stick a needle in them and I’m howling with empathy.  PLEASE, WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE TRYPANOPHOBICS?!)

- Hayley’s birthmark means she’s some sort of werewolf royalty, and judging from the family Bible mysteriously left on the porch, she may be named Andrea.

The Original Body Count

- Dwayne, the new bayou hybrid was cut down in the flower of his youth by Testosterone-y Tyler.

The Original WTF

- I can’t believe how much I like Davina now. 

The Original Joseph Morgan Award for Tortured Hot People

Gif courtesy of andrealabonairs on tumblr, here.

Sign me up to be reincarnated as Hayley’s sweater during that hug – I’ll be ugly as sin but I could live with Elijah petting me.  (By the way, I love that the more casual Elijah’s clothing, the more affectionate he is.  Are the ties cutting off the blood flow to his feelings?)  Damn, never was a simple hug hotter.  Usually Elijah’s a little too buttoned-up for my taste (I’m anal-retentive enough to fuel a small army of accountants and lawyers), but that whole hand-down-the-back, hands-on-the-waist thing gave me a serious case of FEELINGS.

Your turn, or are you still mopping up the puddle of drool?  Where do you think this is going? Are we going to get a redemption story out of Klaus?  Is Elijah going to continue sporting casual wear?  Will Rebekah finally turn against Klaus permanently, or will the bonds of family keep her from doing so?

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