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Procrastination Pro-Tips: The Day of the Doctor is Coming

Your weekly dish of internet distractions.

Procrastination Pro-Tips: The Day of the Doctor is Coming

With only a week left until Catching Fire and The Day of the Doctor, we have a lot of nerd news to cover.  So let’s get started!

Book Related Things

A pretty amazing NPR piece by YA author Matt de la Peña on reluctant readers.

What does the fox say?  Well, I don’t know about the fox, but I say people get book deals for the weirdest damn reasons these days.

Check out Allie Brosh reading from her new book!

Movie Related Things

The first trailer for Disney’s Maleficent is here.  What do you think?

A Paper Pan origin story movie is currently in the works from Warner Bros.

In Divergent movie news: the trailer finally landed, Mandy C. reacted to it and the final poster has been revealed.

With only a week left until Catching Fire releases, we are drowning in Hunger Games themed news.  Check out two new songs from the official soundtrack - Lorde’s cover of Everybody Wants To Rule The World and The Nationals new song.  (Here’s the complete soundtrack listing, in case you’re curious.)

A few other Catching Fire tidbits, including why Buttercup got recast.  (And speaking of cats, this this a thing that exists.)

In Catching Fire news that makes me shake my head, Lionsgate may be planning a theme park.  Plus, is this Subway ad the worst promotional tie-in yet?  Costumes from the original movie hit the auction block and despite being a movie that made ¾ of a billion dollars off of an 80 mil budget, only “portions” of the proceeds are going to charity.  Seriously?

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is making its first big publicity push post Jamie Dornan casting.  The leads are on the cover of EW, the movie has a release date (Valentine's Day, fucking seriously) and even more EW photos.

And in case you want to feel even more depressed about the current state of film, check out this list of currently slated 2015 movies.  Not a lot of originality yet.

TV Related Things

The Day of the Doctor is almost here!  And Doctor Who fans have a lot to chew on while they plan their viewing parties.  Here’s the trailer for the episode.  And a bunch of promo photos.  Also, a schedule for all the 50th Anniversary events taking place.  Plus, a prequel minisode that reveals a certain spoiler for the upcoming episode (and what Steven Moffat has to say about it.)

Lifetime’s Flowers In The Attic movie already has a trailer.  And yes, they are staying very true to the original source material.

More information on Netflix’s Marvel shows.  Drew Goddard will be writing for Daredevil (yay!) and Melissa Rosenberg will be writing for Jessica Jones (hmm).

More set pictures from the Outlander TV series.

Downton Abbey has been renewed for a fifth season, because duh.

Here’s the first trailer for NBC’s live Sound of Music event.  (Don’t worry NPR, I think we all feel this way.)

A Ghost TV show?!  Why!

CW is working on a Tales From the Darkside reboot.

Peeta Josh Hutcherson will be hosting SNL on November 23rd.  (Prepare yourself for way too many Hunger Games jokes.)

Miscellaneous Things

It’s not owl post, but it’s something.  Harry Potter stamps are coming to USPS!

In theater news, Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill is being turned into a musical.  Also set for stage adaption?  The Princess Bride!

Of everything we talked about today, what are you most excited for?

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