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CATCHING FIRE with FYA Book Clubs!

Check out the FYA Book Clubs at Catching Fire from coast to coast!

CATCHING FIRE with FYA Book Clubs!

In case you've been living under a rock (which sounds massively uncomfortable. Unless it's The Rock, in which case... to each her or his own. I don't know your life.), Catching Fire was finally released and ZOMG SO GOOD, Y'ALL. (We're gabbing it up -- with champers! -- over here.) And you just know that the YA event of the year brings all the FYA Book Clubs to the yard! Here are just some of our 100 (and counting!) chapters!

We start off in San Francisco, with four smiley ladies ("a very small portion of SF FYA") -- including our very own Originals recapper, Jennie! They all look as happy as I feel re: the VAST improvement from the first installment!

Next up is our lovely Denver branch! It may be chilly there, but it was hot in the movie! ('Cause, y'know, Catching FIRE. GET IT GET IT? I'm certainly not talking about that 6, Movie Peeta. (Book Peeta, I still love ya!))

Last but not least, our faboo club in New York City! And -- gasp! -- is that an FYA shirt that I see? (Shameless self promotion!)

Thanks for the photos, ladies! As always, you can find more FYA Book Club photos in our Facebook album

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