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The Originals 1x08: The River in Reverse

In which stuff happens, but more importantly, there are WAISTCOATS.

The Originals 1x08: The River in Reverse

Previously on The Originals: Elijah strokes Hayley’s hair, Tyler is back and amped up on testosterone, and Marcel prepares for war.

Happy Thanksgiving, American friends! This recap is a little shorter than usual since I was up all night with food poisoning, but hey, WAISTCOAT PHOTO.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

It’s war time! Rebekah has teamed up with Marcel against Klaus – wrong choice.  Tyler comes to tell Marcel’s minions about how the hybrids work when Rebekah shows up to pledge her allegiance, as long as they don’t harm the baby.  Klaus goes to Marcel’s compound to retrieve the daggers, where Rebekah’s betrayal stings him and Marcel’s minions surround him.  While the minions drag Klaus off, Rebekah looks positively green.  Oops.  Now you’ve made Klaus angry, and you won’t like him when he’s angry.  He Hulk Hybrid Smashes the minions into oblivion and forces Marcel to pledge allegiance.  Just like that, Klaus is king of New Orleans.  Victory comes at a price, though, and in a speech Joseph Morgan absolutely sells, he chews his siblings out for betraying him, thinking that he would harm the one thing that matters to him – his child. 

Meanwhile, Hayley is playing Nursemaid in An Ugly Sweater to Elegant Uncle Elijah while new wolf Eve lurks in the bushes around the Wolf Shack.  In his fever, Elijah calls her “Celeste,” the name of a former lover and witch from a gentler time, one with Flashback Wigs, waistcoats, and dueling.  He kisses Celeste’s toes while she’s in the bath, which makes my soul clench (Feet. Ew. Good for walking, not for onscreen foreplay), then threatens to spank her, and tries to kill Hayley during a fever dream.  Eve saves Hayley and fills her in on why the bayou is full of wolves (Marcel’s doing, naturally), and Elijah essentially tells Hayley that he can’t get romantically involved with her lest Klaus kill her out of spite. 

I groaned when Cami came onscreen again.  While she’s correct in her psychoanalysis of Klaus, it comes off as smug -- which just seems idiotic, as when she is under compulsion, she knows who and what Klaus is.  She’s writing herself cryptic notes in “secret code” to try to remember what Klaus tells her during these sessions, which makes her conscious self think she's losing it.  Klaus tells her uncle Father Kieran to convince her to leave New Orleans, which he tries, but she’s not having any of it, especially once she finds a photo of Klaus and Marcel in a 1919 newspaper. I hope curiosity kills this cat, and quickly – this storyline is only good for Klaus comparing himself to Hemingway and using a typewriter.

The Original Mythology

- Marcel put a curse on the werewolves to change their nature – they’re wolves that turn into humans during the full moon.

The Original Body Count

- Lots of minions die at Klaus’ hands in a glorious scene that involves chains and shouty Klaus.

The Original WTF?

- When Klaus said “poppycock,” I nearly spat out my coffee. Oh, Joseph Morgan, I love you.

- Similarly, Father Kieran asked Rebekah, “Are you even Catholic?” and I fell on the floor laughing.

The Original Joseph Morgan Award for Tortured Hot People

There wasn’t a lot of romantic hotness in this episode, but my god, Joseph Morgan is so good as Klaus.  Also, the brothers Mikaelson in waistcoats? For this we are thankful.

"That coat would look better on me, Elijah, give it over."

"No one comes between me and my tailor."

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