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Procrastination Pro-Tips: YA Trends, Banned Books and More!

Your weekly dish of internet distractions.

Procrastination Pro-Tips: YA Trends, Banned Books and More!

It’s been a slow news week, what with that whole Christmas holiday thing smack dab in the middle of it.  Either that or it’s just that I haven’t been around to read the internet, thereby thinking it’s slow.  Chicken, egg, etc!  That said, let’s get to the few links I did manage to scrounge up.

Book Related Things

Awful news from last week - YA writer Ned Vizzini died from an apparent suicide.  (Vulture has a thoughtful remembrance piece as well.)

YA agents take a look at what the current and future trends in YA publishing are.  Do you agree?

When it comes to banning books from schools, those with subjects concerning race and sexuality seem to be challenged again and again.

Movie Related Thing

More information on the in-the-works historical drama about the suffragette movement.

TV Related Things

Teasers (and I do mean teasers) for Orphan Black season 2 and upcoming Showtime drama Penny Dreadful.

Rashida Jones just sold a comedy-drama series to HBO about women who work in a nail salon.

BBC radio explores the legacy of Buffy The Vampire Slayer 10 years after its last episode aired.  (Can you believe it's been TEN YEARS.)

Miscellaneous Thing

File under things we wish existed - Golden Girls legos.

That is all for this week!  Since this week was so light, please feel free to share what you’ve been reading or watching in the comments below.

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