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New DIVERGENT Trailer: Hangin’ Tough


New DIVERGENT Trailer: Hangin’ Tough

In the wake of the TFIOS trailer, Summit wants to make sure that we don't forget about Tris, Four and the ole Dauntless gang, so they've released a second preview of Divergent. CHECK IT:

A few points for discussion:

1. Do you think this new trailer does a better job of appealing to people who haven't read the books?

2. Shailene Woodley: fierce or feeble?

3. Is anyone else worried they're going to actually like Jeanine Matthews because Kate Winslet is just so g-d fantastic?

Make like a Candor and leave your rants and raves in the comments, then stay tuned for our Highly Scientific Analysis when we break this shizz down, piece by piece.


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