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Procrastination Pro-Tips: Pitch Perfect 2, Dreamboats and More!

Your weekly dish of internet distractions.

Procrastination Pro-Tips: Pitch Perfect 2, Dreamboats and More!

Lots of links this week.  You ready?  Let’s begin!

Book Related Things

Oh, J.K. Rowling.  WHY?  The internet has had a LOT to say about J.K. Rowling's Ron/Hermione reversal, but this might be my favorite response.

The New York Times on dystopian YA and Divergent.

L.J. Smith, The Vampire Diaries writer/creator who was infamously fired from her own books, is having a comeback.  Using Amazon’s Kindle Worlds, this is may be the first time fanfiction (and not the published works) can be considered canon.

Celebrate Black History Month with a historical YA novel from this timeline.

What happens when you tell people you’re reading only women

Read about Esther Earl, the girl who inspired The Fault In Our Stars.

Neil Gaiman reads Green Eggs and Ham for you.

Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) interviews Kate DiCamillo after her second Newbery win.  (Also, Lemony Snicket has created an award for put-upon librarians.)

Famous children's books recreated with babies.

Which Roald Dahl character are you?  (I’m...Grandpa Joe…!?)

Sony is giving up on the e-book game.

Read about the young author of (what might be) the next big YA series.

Movie Related Things

BEST NEWSAnna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson have officially signed on for Pitch Perfect 2.

This week we were given a new Divergent trailer.

The director of Mean Girls has some interesting tidbits on the movie that fans will find interesting.

Info is out on the lady version of The Expendables.  Called The Expendabelles (UHHHHH), the great news is that the script will be written by Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah.  (Ya know, the script writers for ALL THE BEST TEEN MOVIES.)

Richelle Mead talks the Vampire Academy books and movie.

More development news on the Choose Your Own Adventure movie.

Disney to bring Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers to the big screen.

TV Related Things

Studio Ghibli has announced they will be debuting an animated tv series this fall.  Most important to me...when do we get it in the US!?!

Aziz Ansari imagines a Friday Night Lights Super Bowl.

Zooey Deschanel is producing an animated fairy tale themed sitcom.

Game of Thrones featurette on the production design of the show.

Some good news for the American Gods TV show (and Good Omens is not quite dead yet.)

Apparently Steven Moffat is being extra Moffat-y in an interview on Sherlock (spoilers).

Miscellaneous Things

Badass Digest’s Meredith on Dylan Farrow.

Kristen Bell on the paparazzi, the Veronica Mars movie and more.

For those of you tuning into the Sochi Olympics, here’s a guide to figure skaking fandom, sexy athletes and women to watch.

In time for Valentine’s Day, who is your 90s dreamboat?  Also, Valentine’s Day cards for every nerd in your life.

Unicorn heels.  Yep.

So, what have you been reading on the internet this week?  Let us know!

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