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Teen TV Madness: Luke’s Diner, Round One

Grab your favorite table and order a burger, because these kinds of decisions require major protein.

Teen TV Madness: Luke’s Diner, Round One

Welcome to Luke's Diner, where bad dietary hard decisions will be made. Sure, it might seem easy in the beginning, but by the end, you'll be begging for pie to distract yourself from having to choose between Friday Night Lights and Gilmore Girls. Get your vote on below, and don't forget: no cell phones allowed! (Otherwise you'll make Luke angry. And by angry, I mean insanely loveable.)

Interactive PDF bracket, with links to IMDB, Netflix streaming, Amazon Prime streaming, and past FYA posts, where applicable.

(1) Friday Night Lights vs. (16) Sister, Sister

Why waste this space on defending the obvious superiority of FNL when instead, I could use it for Riggins gifs?

(8) Skins (UK) vs. (9) One Tree Hill

I haven't seen Skins (UK) yet (calm down! I'll watch it some day!), but I encourage you to vote for it so we can wipe that smug grin off Chad Michael Murray's face.

(5) The Vampire Diaries vs. (12) The Tomorrow People

Just to make sure you're informed before you vote, I've assembled some important items for you to look over.

(4) Roswell vs. (13) Pretty Little Liars

I've never watched either show, but my mom is a huge Roswell fan. And you don't want to disappoint my mother, do you?

(6) Everwood vs. (11) Clueless

I would vote for Everwood based soley on Chris Pratt's hair. I mean, just look at those golden curls!

(3) Daria vs. (14) The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Regardless of how you vote, Daria would like you to know that she's cool with it.

(7) Doogie Howser, MD vs. (10) Even Stevens


(2) Gilmore Girls vs. (15) Salute Your Shorts

Sorry, Salute Your Shorts, but camp's over.

Polls close this Saturday at midnight Central, with results posted on Sunday!

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