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The Originals 1x15: Le Grand Guignol

Elijah will always stand with his brother, except for that one entire storyline back in Mystic Falls.

The Originals 1x15: Le Grand Guignol

Previously on The Originals:  Hayley has to solve a riddle on Elijah's bare chest (not a euphemism), Rebekah flashes back to betraying Klaus (and making out with Marcel in a morgue) in 1919, Genevieve encourages Klaus' revenge, and Elijah stabs Klaus to prevent him from killing his sister.

Before we begin, let me note that the Wikipedia entry for Le Grand Guignol is rather fascinating.  To make a long story short, it was a historic theater in Paris that specialized in horror productions, where patrons would see five or six hopelessly dark plays.  It closed after the Holocaust, when it was pretty clear that darkness like that was no longer a hypothetical in modern society.

Bouncer Elijah keeps the riffraff out.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

Klaus is mad, but this time I can’t really blame him. Genevieve dropped the Rebekah-and-Marcel 1919 betrayal bomb on him, to which a lot of us were waving our hands and saying, “Yeah, yeah, okay, but Klaus is The Original Dick” – and then we find out that Klaus had listened to Elijah for once and given Rebekah and Marcel his blessing.  (They regretted that decision after his blessing – but since it had been six months since Genevieve cast the spell, they thought it didn’t work. Silly people, it was 1919! Not exactly the era of globetrotting via Concorde jet.  Your sociopathic father has shipped from our warehouses in BFE. Allow 4-6 months for delivery.) So the Klaus-tries-to-be-nice-and-gets-shit-on-and-then-loses-his-own-shit cycle perpetuates once again, only I don’t care, because they showed Klaus romping in bed with a female werewolf.  It looked like a good time, and her finger-waves stayed rather impressively in place.

Oh yes, Elijah removes Klaus’ witch blade (really rooting around in there, too – ah, siblings, forever looking out for the comfort and care of one another) and drags Cami in there to be a plot device the only person Klaus might not slaughter on sight. Oh stop the flattery, Elijah. (Cami still annoys me, but credit where credit is due: I really loved that dress.)

So, back to 1919: Mikael arrives in New Orleans to kill Klaus.  Not Elijah (the one he’s proud to call “son”) or Rebekah (his favorite, as he tells Marcel), but Klaus – and he wants to enlist Elijah’s help. Only Elijah “will always stand with [Klaus]” (except for that one entire storyline in Mystic Falls), which does not please Big Daddy.  Also, at certain angles, Mikael looks like Voldemort. Make of that what you will.

Mikael proceeds to the opera house in order kill Klaus – but also to taunt Klaus about his origins (their mother “lay with a beast to beget him”) and make him feel lower than the dirt on his shoe.  Mikael is ridiculously mean, but stops short of twirling his moustache and tying Rebekah to the train tracks.  (He does, however tie Marcel to a cross.) Elijah saves Klaus and Rebekah, Mikael sets fire to the theater, and everyone labors under the illusion that Marcel was killed in the fire.

In the bayou, pregnant Hayley is holding a shotgun in a way that brings to mind Betty Draper picking off pigeons. I loved that scene and I love this one.  She tells Sabine/Celeste that she knows that Celeste has a habit of body hopping, and demands that Celeste reverse the spell.  Meanwhile, Elijah helps in his own way -- he tries to talk some sense into Monique regarding Celeste’s motives, and shows up in the bayou to threaten Celeste.  Once he figures out that the spell is legitimate, he hands it back to Hayley and they have a hug/forehead kiss/hot dirty eye-sex. Celeste tries to taunt Elijah about losing Hayley, but that’s just silly. Sure, Hayley could carry out her arranged werewolf marriage, but I fail to see how that prevents her from also marrying Elijah and being joyous companions for eternity.

While all this is happening, Rebekah and Marcel are on the run – they need a cloaking spell to hide from Klaus, which dovetails nicely with Marcel’s desire to resurrect Davina and take her with them. Over Rebekah’s protests, they enlist Thierry to help kill Bastiana, Genevieve, and Sabine under the theory that if those three witches die, the teenage witches will rise.  Marcel kills Bastiana, but Genevieve escapes.  (Yay! Keep her and her gorgeous hair alive, writers. Thanks.)

Elijah brings Celeste to the cemetery, where he finds out he’s trapped – the Originals can enter, but not leave. Since Rebekah and Marcel also came to dig up Davina (STILL NOT DECOMPOSED WHATSOEVER!), Rebekah is trapped as well.  Celeste decides to kill her current body and jump into someone else – just in time for Monique to see that Celeste is not what she claimed to be. Monique put a spell on Celeste’s original body so that her spirit would end up in that form – which Elijah promptly kills. Boom!

And then Davina comes back and Klaus shows up at the cemetery to kill his sister. For the first time, Elijah does the bloody-eyed-vampire-veiny thing, and—CREDITS!

"I simply cannot imagine a situation in which our plan to betray your notoriously hot-headed brother and my foster father might backfire. Another drink?"

The Original Mythology

- Sabine/Celeste’s unbinding spell for the werewolves can only work during the full moon.
- Klaus has a white oak stake that can’t be destroyed.

The Original Body Count

- Bastiana loses her head. No big loss, I think.

The Original WTF

- Klaus doesn’t have tattoos in 1919. Hmmm, wonder when he got those.

The Original Joseph Morgan Award for Tortured Hot People

Good lord, writers, you are deliciously cruel. Observe the split-second hesitation before Elijah aims the kiss elsewhere. We have seven more episodes of this season left, and I suspect that the writers are going to make us wait for the payoff.

Next episode: the Original siblings play hide-and-go-seek amongst the mausoleums.

So what did you think? Can't really blame Klaus for being angry about this one, right? Hell, I was furious when my brother merely stole a pair of light-blue-tinted sunglasses that I'd bought with my own money (this was 1996, a dark time in the land of fashion), buried them in his room, and stepped on them. At least he never ratted me out to a man who "laid waste to half of Europe" in order to kill me.  

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