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Procrastination Pro-Tips: It’s A Hard Knock Life

Your weekly dish of internet distractions.

Procrastination Pro-Tips: It’s A Hard Knock Life

So, that Supernatural header?  Still looks pretty good, even after a week.  Yep.

Anyway, we’ve got all sorts of links for you think week. So let’s take a look!

Book Related Things

Why we re-read our favorite books.

Check out this app that will turn you into a speed-reader

Dr. Doofenshmirtz from the show Phineas and Ferb explains YA books.

An awesome roundup of where you can find every available excerpt for GRRM’s Winds of Winter.

Fun with bodies on book covers.

What is the most popular book in your state?  (At least, according to Scribd.)

Lena Dunham will be writing an arc for Archie comics.  For no other reason, it seems, than because she was a big fan of them.  Which is kind of awesome.

Which Austen hero is your soulmate?

Movie Related Things

The Annie remake just released its first trailer.  Check it out below!

Here are the first two minutes of the Veronica Mars movie, if you haven’t seen it already.  Plus, some sweet new stills.  Also, Kindle Worlds is expanding and will now include Veronica Mars.  So get your Dick Casablancas/everyone fic ready!

Movie news for an adaptation of Patrick Ness’ A Monster Calls.

TV Related Things

This year 2000 promo from The WB is basically the greatest thing ever.  At least, it is if  you religiously watched ALL The WB shows back then like I did.

Speaking of WB shows, which Gilmore Girls guy is your soulmate?

Which streaming service is the best for watching seasons of TV?  (Spoiler alert: it’s Netflix.)  And find out which TV shows and movies will be new to Instant this month.

Lindsay Lohan is getting a docuseries on OWN.  Oprah does not seem pleased.

Game of Thrones fans, check out this art for an upcoming gallery exhibit and these mock tattoo designs.

Miscellaneous Things

Apparently one Ryan Gosling is not enough for this shirt.

Check out this Clueless inspired rap video.

Which strong female character are you?  (I got Mulan.  Not bad.  I’ll take it.)

And that’s it for this weeks’ Pro Tips.  What was your favorite thing on the internet this week?

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