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Teen TV Madness: The Peach Pit, Round Two

Justice requires you to make sure The O.C. moves on to the next round, or Jennie is going to lock you all in a room with Screech. Forever.

Teen TV Madness: The Peach Pit, Round Two

Welcome back to the Peach Pit! Apparently naming the bracket after the 90210 hangout didn't help it stay in the contest. We salute you, 90210, and also bid farewell to Switched At Birth (I started watching this last week after someone commented with the magic words "Austin Butler" - I really like it!), Teen Wolf, Party of Five, Clarissa Explains it All, Blossom, The Facts of Life, and The Carrie Diaries.

As always, check out the interactive PDF bracket!   

(1) Freaks and Geeks vs. (8) Gossip Girl

It's a battle between an extremely well-written show that never made it to Season Two, or a pure brain-candy show that started off strong and was allowed to become not-even-enjoyable dreck. So what will it be, people? Feelings and a poignant look at growing up as an average 80s Midwest kid? Or pretty, pretty rich kids ignoring liquor laws? (No judgment here, I like both shows for different reasons.) Both had pretty kickass music. Freaks and Geeks gave us Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jason Segel, and a post-Dawson's Busy Phillips; Gossip Girl gave us the wonder that is Blair Waldorf, a CW threesome, and Chuck Bass' awkward hairline. 

So you either vote for Blair's impeccable bitchface...

Or the reality of being a teenager.

Hard choices are hard.

(5) Saved by the Bell vs. (4) The O.C.

Here's where stuff is about to get real. I love The O.C., and not just because I love Adam Brody and his physical...comedy. (Ahem.) I love it because while it is yet another rich-teens-with-teeny-teen-problems show, it also rarely takes itself too seriously. The disdain for Riverside and Chino cracked me up, Julie Cooper-Nichol and her multiple marriages cracked me up, and Marissa's ill-advised do-gooder antics cracked me up. The music was always well-done, the dialogue was clever, and Seth and Summer both had pony toys. Vote for Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle, you guys.

Vote for Ryan's arms.

Vote for Seth's way of saying what we're all thinking.

Vote...for Chrismukkah.

And if you have any doubts -- if the Saved by the Bell 80s/90s nostalgia is eating away at your will to serve justice...think about my very real threat that I will lock you in a room with Screech for all eternity. Don't forget that Dustin Diamond made a professionally produced "home movie." Don't do this to yourself, you guys. I care about you and I want you to be happy. 

Also, let's be honest. What would you rather wear: fashion from The O.C. or Saved by the Bell

(11) The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air vs. (3) My So-Called Life

I suspect this might be a hard one for some folks, but here in Jennie-land, clearly we must all vote for My So-Called Life. I was at the perfect age for this show when it aired, and it captures 90s middle-class teenage suburbia so well that watching it now is bittersweet. I wore everything Angela Chase wore, I wanted so desperately to dye my hair that bright red, and I really, really wanted someone as hot as Jordan Catalano (now Hipster Rockin' Jesus With An Oscar, sigh) to look at me. To me, the show encapsulates everything it was to navigate friendships with people from whom you've grown apart, crushes, and adults -- whether awful (AHEM, PATTY CHASE) or endearing (Mr. Katimski, now Cyrus Beene on Scandal).

(7) Awkward vs. (2) Dawson's Creek

Do I even have to say anything about this?

Polls close at midnight Saturday! Do the right thing. (Or else.)

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