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Teen TV Madness: The Bronze, Division Semi-Finals

We've reached The Sweet Sixteen and in The Bronze Bracket, Buffy continues to make short work of everyone and everything.

Teen TV Madness: The Bronze, Division Semi-Finals

Welcome to the third week of TV March Madness!  We’ve reached the Sweet Sixteen and things are...not going as planned.  Some of these shows have been major bracket busters and I am starting to question my ability to understand what things people likeThe Wonder Years was trounced by Sabrina The Teenage Witch (and my bracket along with it.)  Plus, Degrassi: The Next Generation lost to Smallville by just two votes.  Do you know how easy it is to scrounge up two votes?  I failed you Degrassi, I failed you.  Anyway, speaking of Sweet Sixteen, there is nothing sweeter than our favorite TV couples.  Ehh?  Ehh!  No, okay, if I want to make better puns, I really should enlist Lee.  Anyway, this week we’re illustrating the shows with our favorite ships from our final contestants.  So let’s get to the voting!

Interactive PDF bracket, with links to IMDB, Netflix streaming, Amazon Prime streaming, and past FYA posts, where applicable.

(1) Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. (4) Smallville

When I realized that I would get to decide which Buffy ship to highlight, the thought kind of made me giddy.  Sorry Spike guys and gals, I was always an Angel girl.  You cannot sway my 12-year-old heart.  That shit is set in stone.  You might have had better luck if one of the other FYA gals was in charge of The Bronze bracket, but then again, maybe not.  Also, since I’ve never watched Smallville, I wasn’t sure which couple to give you.  I originally picked one that an online poll later informed me is not popular.  Hopefully I didn’t fail you.

(6) Sabrina the Teenage Witch vs. (2) Dance Academy

Well, I would have liked to have given you picture of Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper, but I guess that is just not meant to be.  Will anything be able to stop Sabrina?  (Spoiler alter: at the very least, Buffy will.)  Also, for those of you who still haven’t watched Dance Academy, please see the above picture.  All that swoon and more can be yours.

Let us know which of The Bronze Bracket couples were your favorite in the comments below.  (Or alternatively, why you still haven’t watched Dance AcademyCome ooooon.)  And remember, polls close this Saturday at midnight Central, with results posted on Sunday.

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