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Teen TV Madness: The Peach Pit, Division Semi-Finals

Sophie makes a lot of choices in the Peach Pit Division Semi-Finals. Who will move on, and which bad boy with a heart of gold will need comforting?

Teen TV Madness: The Peach Pit, Division Semi-Finals

Welcome back! It's round three, and we've said goodbye to Gossip Girl, Fresh Prince, Awkward, and (blessedly, if you are of the same mindset I am) Saved by the Bell. This week, though...this week is tough. I love 3/4 of these shows equally, and I can't begin to predict which will move forward. (Which is why I'm dead last in the FYA bracket leaderboard.)  This week, we're looking at favorite couples!

(1) Freaks and Geeks vs. (4) The O.C.

I don't know if Ken and Tuba Girl Amy is a popular pairing in Freaks & Geeks fandom, but they were my favorite couple -- Ken went from a total dick to a very nice boyfriend despite himself. Lo, the transforming power of love! They also seemed like the most likely pairing to survive.

As for the The O.C., I debated picking Sandy and Kirsten as my favorite couple (because they were pretty functional and affectionate despite the drama), but given that it's Teen TV Madness, I opted for the obvious choice: Seth and Summer. I'm still irrationally sad that Seth and Summer, I mean Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson, couldn't make it work. As for their on-screen oeuvre, their snotty banter culminating in the Thanksgiving episode where Seth juggles Anna and Summer: perfection. I'm a sucker for witty dialogue.

(3) My So-Called Life vs. (2) Dawson's Creek

And then there's Jordan Catalano, illiterate bad boy who makes the barest effort to keep Angela (a pretty nice kid overall), versus Pacey, very smart, teacher-romancing bad boy with a heart of gold who tries to keep Joey until he convinces himself he's not good enough. Joey and Pacey had their problems, but at least they talked to each other in polysyllabic words.

Polls close at midnight Saturday with results posted on Sunday! Who will take it all?

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