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The VERONICA MARS Movie: Let’s Convo!

The Veronica Mars movie has finally arrived! So what did y'all think, Marshmallows?

The VERONICA MARS Movie: Let’s Convo!

Now that the Veronica Mars movie has been released for four whole days, we've all seen it however many times four days divides into 107 minutes, right? Right. So let's chat this business up! (Spoilers aplenty, obvs.)

Mandy C.: Loved it!

Posh: I had a blast watching the VM movie, but I felt it was more of a great fan experience than a great movie. Which is totally fine, because this movie was made possible by fans, and it was made FOR the fans.

Mandy C.: It definitely was a movie for the fans.

Megan: Logan was so cuuuuuuuuuuute.

Mandy W.: While I'm still a card-carrying member of Team Logan and their reunion did warm my cold, dark heart, I was eyerolling when they were reciting the epic speech. I was never a big fan of it in the first place, but that was just laying it on a liiiittle too thick. Still, I almost got teary-eyed at the LoVe farewell.

And actually, Logan and Carrie/Not Leighton Meester seemed way serious -- enough so that I was questioning the timeline of how much time had passed since she was killed, since WOW that took no time to mourn. At least with Lilly's death, it was like almost a full year before he started making out with Veronica.

Posh: I guess part of my problem is that I'm officially off Team Logan, so their epic reunion didn't affect me much. I was too busy feeling outraged on Piz's behalf.

Mandy W.: Awwww -- poor, sweet Piz! Were they living together in NYC? I mean, it had to be this way, but still. I think his new haircut has dramatically improved his standing in my eyes.

Megan: Piz was cute too and I feel bad, but NOT BAD ENOUGH.  I feel like Veronica is totally regressing, buuttttttt oh well.

Mandy C.: I hadn't really thought about Veronica regressing, but another friend has also brought it up (she couched it in an addiction manner) and I kind of frown at that now that I see it. I'd really hoped that Piz's exit would be a bit easier, but man. That was hard.

Mandy W.: I'm kind of bummed that Wallace is a high school teacher now. I mean, yeah -- if anyone was going to give Veronica insider info from the high school, it should be him. Nothing wrong with being a high school teacher, but he was supposed to be a mechanical engineer like meeee! Although being a teacher does seem to suit Wallace's personality more than being an engineer. 

As for Mac, I also had higher aspirations for her than working at Kane Software. 'Cause she should totally be running a place like that, amirite?!

Mandy C.: Dick totally stole the show for me. His quips were perfection.

Mandy W.: You're all welcome for that photo, btw. And also for this one, courtesy of Mandy C.: 

Mandy W.: The PCHers confuse me. Because Weevil was the leader as a teenager, and now he's leader again... ? Like what is on the PCHer mission statement here? Petty crime and general miscreant behaviour? Have they graduated to grownup debauchery now, even though the PCHers existed before Weevil and were a youth gang then? But I mean, the PCHers have always been weird to me -- the infamous Neptune gang led by like a 16 y.o. at the series' start. (Though Weevil could be older, i.e. repeated grades? I'm thinking about this way too much.)

Meredith: The way I read the Weevil situation is that he rejoined the PCHers just to get inside scoop and help Veronica solve his case. I hope so, anyway! His wife is too hot for him to screw this up!

Mandy W.: Oooh, I hope so! And HIS BABY. HIS ADORABLE BABY. My mind went straight to the whole reverting back to old habits/who you really are/leopard not changing spots, that sort of thing, since it mirrors Veronica's deal. But I do like thinking that Weevil has really changed!

Posh: The mystery was so LAME, i.e. just an excuse for a long string of cameos.

Mandy W.: It was pretty obvious that one of the only characters that had specifically been created for the movie did it. Plus the convolutedness of the boat murder.... it definitely pales in comparison to my fave excuse for a long string of cameos aka "A Trip to the Dentist", but it was fun catching up with these characters.

Megan: Yeah, I didn't care for the mystery (but then, I NEVER cared about the mysteries of the week, and the only big mystery I cared about was Lily's murder.)  I'm excited for the book to come out because apparently it has what was going to be the ORIGINAL mystery for the movie (he changed it to this because he needed a good excuse for Veronica to come back to town.)

Mandy C.: I definitely agree that the mystery was weak. But, like some of y'all said, it wasn't about the mystery for me. It was about seeing the band get back together.

Posh: My fave cameo was DEFINITELY Deputy Leo. That scene was GREAT.

Megan: Deputy Leo was grrrrrrrrrrrreat.

Mandy W.: I know that there's only so much movie to fit into 107 minutes, but I wish we could have gotten more of a glimpse into Keith's life. Does he have a ladyfriend? Did he ever get a new dog? Not a new Backup, OBVS. But maybe like a Dispatch? Patrol? OMG K-9?! I don't know dog names, y'all.

Oh, and poor Sacks! I'm glad he finally got to show that he was more than a yes-man for both Lambs, though.

Meredith: I watched it for a second time last night, and I'm liking it even better the second time. The mystery is still pretty lame, but I think it's safe to say I consider it a good movie, not just a fun, extra-long VM episode.

Megan: I really want to watch it again soon because I feel like I missed so many jokes/good lines due to audience laughter.

Mandy W.: Agreed; the only downside to seeing it in a theatre with die-hards is the tittering and excited chatter for all the cameo spotting. I must have missed a handful of lines that way. (Although on my part, I let out an "OH SHIT" for the Celeste reveal.) OH WELL, guess I'll just have to rewatch it.

Mandy C.: I definitely need to watch it again (thank you, Kickstarter reward!) soon to see what I missed and watch it as more of a movie than a "wait and see who appears next" kind of event.

What say you, Marshmallows? Did you like it? Love it? LoVe it? Sound off in the comments below!


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