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The 100 1x1: Pilot

In which a bunch of juvenile delinquents get sent to Earth 97 years after humans irradiated the surface through nuclear warfare. (THANKS, HUMANITY.)

The 100 1x1: Pilot

The CW’s latest show (based on Kass Morgan’s The 100) takes place 97 years in our future. What remains of the human species lives in a dilapidated space station in Earth orbit, having fled after nuclear war made surface-living impossible. The space station’s resources are dwindling, and there is only so much oxygen left—in three months, the space station will be inhabitable. A group of 100 juvenile delinquents—on the space station, any crime is seen as a jailable offense if you’re under 18; if you’re over 18, you’re basically out of luck—are packed into a ship and given one-way tickets to the ground. Although the experiment is wrapped in the guise of research, sending the kids away also extends the space station’s life expectancy one more month.

The kids, of course—being that they’re juvenile delinquents and teenagers—immediately fall into a state of anarchy-lite.

Because I love you so, I checked out the pilot to see if it was deserving of a full recap order.

My 100  two cents:

I am interested, but I’m not sure if this is because I’m a sucker for dystopian themes, or the fact that I will pretty much always give a CW show a shot for at least the first three episodes. Although Clarke’s know-it-all nature could get annoying, I appreciate that she’s got a steady head on her shoulders when most of the other kids are all about doing “whatever the hell we want.” (But what’s with the “Princess” title?) And she’s already getting the swoon on with Finn, who—random thought alert—has a really great voice. (It also doesn’t hurt that he looks a little like Roswell’s Jason Behr.) The trio of Bellamy, Crabbe and Goyle work well as the main foils for the good kids, and I’m interested to learn more about what Bellamy’s master plan is.

The fact that there’s a mysterious big bad out in the woods that might or might not be some sort of de-evolved human intrigues me, too. (Yay, mutants!) I feel bad for the kids though; they obviously know next to nothing about the actual state of things on the planet. I suppose I should care a little more about what’s happening on the space station, but I’m a tad miffed at the moment at a bunch of adults that would a group of children into such an unknown situation to save their own butts.

But what did you guys think? Has the story of 100 98—thanks to teenage boy idiocy—rowdy teenagers on a not-so-empty planet piqued your interest? Let us know in the comments.

Next episode: "Earth Skills"


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