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Star-Crossed 1x6: Stabbed with a White Wench’s Black Eye

In which Roman and Emery have a capital-m Moment, and Drake’s poor decision-making skills nearly cause even more strife between the races.

Star-Crossed 1x6: Stabbed with a White Wench’s Black Eye

Previously, on Star-Crossed: Emery stands up to some Red Hawk bikers, and Drake and Taylor—bow-chicka-wow-wow—hook up in a restaurant bathroom.

Thank you, Star-Crossed writers, for making this episode a tad less crazypants than usual. I have family in town, and watching it with them in the room meant I couldn’t rewind as much as I typically do without getting made fun of mercilessly. (I still got made fun of, but THEIR LOSS. This show is golden.)

The episode starts, familiarly, with the Red Hawks planning an attack on the Atrian market. Zoe stops the attack and blows up the two Red Hawks instead, after getting some information from them. Girl is ded.i.ca.ted to the Trag cause. The explosion makes Edendale news, along with questions about who the mysterious leaders of the Red Hawks are, which I thought was common knowledge?

Skeezeball Smatter Chatter (really?) reporter Matt Bendell (the guy with the remote controlled helicopters) shows up to blackmail Emery with a video of she and Julia talking about how Ciper is real. Unless she comes up with something better, he'll release the video. She discusses with Julia, who suggests that she gives up the information that Grayson’s parents are the Red Hawk leaders. Later, the two come up with tricking Eric into revealing the location of a Red Hawk meeting so that Bendell can film it.

Everyone heads to Grayson’s parents’ charity ball. I’m pretty sure these sort of things typically cost thousands of dollars to get into, and yet half of the kids from Marshall High can attend without anyone batting an eye? Grayson was apparently pretty loose with his invites. There, Drake finds Zoe and fills her in about Vega’s plan: kidnapping Grayson and then ransoming him in exchange for Atrian prisoners.

Grayson and Roman have a little argument in which Roman reveals to Emery who Grayson’s parents really are. When he realizes that she already knew, Roman runs away in a huff. Emery follows after and they have a heated discussion in which Emery reveals that Grayson’s totally a safety net and Roman reveals that he’d pretty much do anything for her, but the timing isn’t right. I swooned.

When Zoe and Drake leave the party with a drugged Grayson, Roman follows and makes an impassioned stand against the two. Of course, because she's Trag through and through, Zoe tries to run him over. At the last moment, Drake's brain finally kicks in and he grabs the wheel, dumping them into a ditch. Everyone's OK, but Roman and Drake seem to forget about Zoe as they pull Grayson from the toppled car. Because they're too busy discussing Drake’s stupid life decisions, Zoe gets the drop on them and pulls out a gun. Maker of Questionable Decisions Drake, of course, goes after the gun. Future Leader of the Atrian People Roman, however, talks him down from killing Zoe. She, as villains often do, runs away, but not before the whole "You'll rue the day you let me get away!" moustache twirling speech.

Emery goes to the Red Hawk meeting with Bendell and "stealthily" corrupts the data on his tablet (including the blackmail video). While they’re spying on the meeting, Mrs. Montrose comes out and reveals herself as the Grand Matriarch of the Red Hawks, which sends Bendell into a giddy haze in which I swear I could see dollar signs in his eyes. Apparently, he then goes to sleep with Marshall High biology (?) teacher Ms. Benton, who has been lurking about this whole episode and is awfully curious about the Ciper video with Julia and Emery. Lady is SUSPICIOUS.

The episode wraps up with Mrs. Montrose getting arrested for planning/inciting a terrorist attack and Grayson seeing consolation from Emery. And even though Emery just told Julia that she’d much rather wait to have something with Roman than have a now with Grayson, she’s a kind person and therefore attempts to make him feel better with a cuddle on the couch. Roman, of course, takes that moment to show up at Emery’s door and sees the whole thing. Womp, womp.

Marshall High Student of the Week:

Eric gets the award this week, for deciding to leave the Red Hawks because he doesn’t agree with their terrorist tactics. I see you, character evolution.

Honorable mention goes to Julia, for introducing us to the term “Hatrians.”

Oh, The Humanity:

The Red Hawks planning to bomb the market, at a time that it would be the busiest, makes me like them so much less. I wasn’t sure that was possible.

Atrian 101:

The Atrians have some crazy organic-looking knives, and apparently look a little like luminous dolphins while swimming.

The Future is Now:

Lukas hooks Emery up with a high-tech device that “works like a magnet” and will erase the data on Bendell’s tablet. Magnets and technology will never mix, no matter how hard they wish it, it seems.

First Kiss Watch:

Ooooh, guys, there was definitely a moment while Emery and Roman were arguing that I thought we might get a kiss. Roman was all like “Do you think it doesn’t kill me every time I walk away from you? I can’t ask you to wait for a day that might never come. I would give you everything ... just not now.” And Emery’s all like, swoooon. And then he touches her face and gets real close … aaaaannnnnndddd nothing. It’s a step in the right direction, though!

So. Can Grayson truly be trusted? What shady business is Ms. Benson running? How great was it when Drake distracted Taylor with “hey, beautiful”? (I ship them so hard.) Let’s discuss below.

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