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Teen TV Madness: Final Four, Part One

Two shows enter.  One show leaves.  Slayers versus freaks.  Vampires versus geeks.  Who will reign supreme?

Teen TV Madness: Final Four, Part One

This is it.  The first out of two Final Four matchups.  And instead of watching the Gators duke it out with the Huskies, we’re watching a teenage vampire slayer and her friends battle it out with a group of 80s high school misfits.  This is actually the first round that has been painful for me, decisionwise.  Most rounds I had a clear favorite.  But now I have two beloved shows that are impossible to compare to one another.  But compare we must, because TV March Madness plays by Highlander rules.

Interactive PDF bracket, with links to IMDB, Netflix streaming, Amazon Prime streaming, and past FYA posts, where applicable.

(1) Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. (1) Freaks and Geeks

So far we’ve talked about theme songs, our favorite episodes, and favorite couples.  This week we’re taking a look at fan videos, which is an arena I have all of zero expertise in.  My brief history with fan videos is limited to that time in college that my roommate was in a Veronica Mars fan video LiveJournal group and I would occasionally watch a LoVe video or two with her on her laptop.  That said, me and my googling skills have tried to bring you two representative samples for this matchup.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Final Hour)

HOLY MOLY, there sure are a lot of Buffy fan videos on the internet.  So many that I would need some sort of expert to separate the wheat from the chaff.  That said, I found the above which I’ve watched several times now and am still enjoying it.  It’s a good mix of clips from all seven seasons.  Although it does seem to be lean a bit more Spuffy than Bangle, so you Spike ladies can’t accuse me of giving unequal airtime.  I hadn’t heard of the song, which is apparently because it’s made by a group that exclusively composes music for movie trailers and soundtracks.  Well, that explains why it’s very epic sounding!

Freaks and Geeks (Every Teardrop is a Waterfall)

And here we have the opposite problem.  If Freaks and Geeks fan videos exist on the internet, well, they are certainly well hidden.  Which is why you are getting a Coldplay song instead of one accompanied by literally any amazing rock song from before 1980.  That said, the clips are still decent and provide a good overview of some of the show’s more emotional moments.  Enough so that I can feel the feels even through Chris Martin’s singing.  But if that doesn’t do it for you, no one made Freaks and Geeks fan videos quite like the showrunners themselves. (Seriously, I could watch Bill Haverchuck laugh forever.)

Anyway, watching these videos has only delayed the inevitable.  Now it’s time to vote.  Shhhh, can you hear that?  If you listen, very closely, you just might hear the sound of my heart breaking over this vote.

Also, please share with us your favorite Buffy and Freaks and Geeks fan videos in the comments below. Videos that get enough love may be treated to the official FYA Swimfantage treatment. And remember, polls close this Saturday at midnight Central, with results posted on Sunday.

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