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Teen TV Madness: Final Four, Part Two

This ain't no April Fools' joke: it's a showdown between the Gilmores and the Marses!

Teen TV Madness: Final Four, Part Two

Once upon a time, on a network destined to become The CW, a whip-smart teenage girl with a single parent lives in a fictional town. As she navigates those murky high school waters, she's relentless in the pursuit of her goals. Fortunately, our girl has a kickass BFF that she can count on -- as long as the BFF's strict mom doesn't get in the way, that is. And she'll DEF. need her bestie when she's dealing with suitors like Logan, a poor little rich boy with daddy issues, or that first guy with brown hair who ends up being THA WORST. When the sun sets on this beloved series after a shaky final season, the girl in question ventures off into the world, leaving behind the life she's known.

QUICK! Which show are you thinking of?

Sure, there are superficial similarities between these two shows, but there's enough room in our hearts to love them both. Although the same can't be said for Teen TV Madness; only one can advance to the final round. So which will it be? 

Interactive PDF bracket, with links to IMDB, Netflix streaming, Amazon Prime streaming, and past FYA posts, where applicable.

(2) Gilmore Girls vs. (1) Veronica Mars

Like Megan before me for Buffy vs. Freaks & Geeks, the world of fan videos is uncharted waters; fortunately, the internet is FLUSH with vids for these shows. However, they're mostly of the shipping variety, and I have very little tolerance for sad weepy piano ballads, so that significantly limited my choices. Anyway. Let's take a look at what I found for y'all! 

Gilmore Girls (Where You Lead (Live)) 

This isn't the only GG tribute set to the extended version of the show's theme song, but I give the one above a slight edge for clip selection and editing. Also, this one uses a live duet between Carole King and her daughter Louise Goffin (the extra mamas!), and it just feels like it could be a director's cut of the opening credits. The clips are mostly just Lorelai and Rory -- which suits me just fine, since theirs was always the biggest love story for me anyway. And one of the greatest strengths of these clips is that I can INSTANTLY recognize which scenes they belong to. Job well done!

Veronica Mars (That Girl's a Genius)

The sound editing could be improved and some of the clips come at you like a Vin Diesel sequel (i.e. 2 Fast 2 Furious), but the song choice is great, and this short energetic video perfectly captures the sass. Plus, it's available in HD, and it includes Veronica and Troy's first meeting, both of which are sure-fire ways to curry favour with me. 

But the real question is: which show curries more favour with you? I thought I had already made my choice, and yet I still can't bring myself to cast this vote... 

Polls close this Saturday at midnight Central, with results posted on Sunday. So how did y'all ever choose between Stars Hollow and Neptune? Rory and Veronica? Lorelai and Keith? Kirk and Backup?! Sound off in the comments, and leave us your fave fan videos for official FYA swimfantage consideration!

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