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YA Movie News Roundup: Connie Britton Has Joined Twitter, Y’all!

Plus HARRY POTTER spin-off news, PETALS ON THE WIND, IF I STAY and more! 

YA Movie News Roundup: Connie Britton Has Joined Twitter, Y’all!

Welcome back to the YA Movie News Roundup, where we have a lot of exciting little tidbits this week! 

First, and most exciting - her Royal Hairness, the Second Best Fictional Mom of All Time (sorry, but you guys know I'm Team Lorelai), that gorgeous fount of homespun wisdom Miss Connie Britton has joined Twitter with the perfect first tweet: "Hey y'all!" (And she put the apostrophe in the correct place for y'all, which is rarer than it should be.) 

Speaking of Lorelai, last week Lauren Graham did a Reddit AMA and spoke a few maddeningly vague nothings about the potential Gilmore Girls movie. 

A first look at the Heathers musical is promising. 

Hey, Frozen just became the most successful animated film of all time! Congrats, Elsa and Anna!

In other Kristen Bell news, she's the voice on the audio book for the Veronica Mars novel, The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. I'm reviewing this book for FYA this week, so stay tuned! I haven't heard the audio book yet, however - will have to do that next. 

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer has arrived

None of this has strictly been YA Movie News yet, has it? Okay, here's some! (Sort of.) The first Fifty Shades of Grey footage was revealed at CinemaCon in Vegas last week. 

There will be no third Percy Jackson film.

Here's a pic from the upcoming Lifetime Petals on the Wind movie. Heather Graham looks nuts. 

Chloe Moretz threw some shade YA's way in talking about her upcoming adaptation If I Stay. "I want people to walk in and feel like they actually felt something, and learned something, and realized something different about life that’s more than just, ‘Oh, I saw this love triangle and it’s super sad because she chose the guy I didn’t like. And then the movie was over.’ And you’re like, ‘Okay, that’s pathetic.’" Daaaaang. More quotes and a pic at the link

And finally, JK Rowling's upcoming Harry Potter spinoff, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, will be a trilogy

That's it for this week! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. 

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