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Procrastination Pro-Tips: We Don’t Say Pants

Your weekly dish of internet distractions.

Procrastination Pro-Tips: We Don’t Say Pants

Happy end of the week!  Hopefully yours was short and stress free.  For me, everything has gotten better since Sunday, when I left book club to walk to my friend's car in the snow.  In the snow.  It takes some serious commitment to YA to brave those kind of conditions.  Anyway, lots to links to get to, so let’s get started.

Book Related Things

In the book world, 2013 was officially the year of Divergent.  Also, if you live near Naperville, IL, you can attend Camp Divergent.

Mallory from The Toast writes a best selling YA novel.  Plus, dirtbag Anne Shirley.

Which Sweet Valley High character are you?  (Elizabeth, noooooooo!)  And which children’s book character are you?

Ana Gasteyer interviews Ann Brashares on her new (non-Pants related) book.

How well-read are you, according to this long list of mostly stuffy novels?  (Spoiler Alert: NOT VERY.  For me, anyway.  I’m thinking FYA needs to write a YA version of this quiz.)

Movie Related Things

Eleanor & Park has gotten a movie deal!  We are obviously very, very excited.  And all the initial info from Rainbow is keeping me pleasantly hopeful.

Harry Potter’s Fantastic Beasts spin-off movie will be a trilogy, because money obviously.

If I Stay has released its first official movie still and Chloe Grace Moretz has some, errrrm, interesting thoughts on YA novels.  (Can people who don’t read YA stop having all sorts of ill-informed opinions on it and worse, saying them out loud?  Apparently that is too much to ask.)

The Wicked movie has “started gearing up”, whatever that means.

Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley star in a romcom together.  With singing!

Melissa McCarthy and Call The Midwife’s Miranda Hart will star in a new comedy together.

The best new movies on Netflix Instant for April.  (Mean GirlsSense and SensibilityJumanji!)

TV Related Things

Your favorite girlfriend Anna Kendrick is making her SNL debut this weekend.

So, did any of you watch the How I Met Your Mother finale this week?  Well, if you were disappointed or angry, you certainly weren’t the only one.

Sorry Once Upon A Time In Wonderland fans, the spin-off won’t be getting picked up for another season.

The ultimate ranking of every song in Nashville.

Hey, it’s the Girl Meets World cast photo.  (And speaking of Corey Matthews, Samuel L. Jackson has a slam poem he’d like you to hear.  And it’s...amazing.)

In upcoming horror shows, we have new information on the Scream TV series and Penny Dreadful gets character posters

Which 80s cartoon series are you?

Miscellaneous Things

After finding out that Lauren Graham and Connie Britton used to be roommates(!), you may be interested in these other famous friends.  And speaking of famous besties, HOW CUTE ARE PATRICK STEWART AND IAN MCKELLEN.  Just when you think they’re already the cutest, they keep doing even more cute things.

What’s your favorite entertainment news from the week?  And what shows, books or movies are you looking forward to?  (Besides Eleanor & Park, because OBVIOUSLY.)

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