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YA Movie News Roundup: ALLEGIANT Will Be Two Movies

Like every other third entry in a YA trilogy. 

YA Movie News Roundup: ALLEGIANT Will Be Two Movies

Welcome back to the YA Movie News Roundup, where lots of the news starts to sound the same because Hollywood is a creature of habit. 

On that front, Allegiant will be two movies, because the third entry in a YA Hollywood trilogy must always be two movies, forever and ever amen. 

In other Shailene Woodley news, order the The Fault in Our Stars movie preparation kit!

Surprising no one, Chloe Moretz is nearing a deal to play Cassie in the adaptation of Rick Yancey's The Fifth Wave

And she gave an interview about If I Stay.

Professional adorable person Mae Whitman is in talks to star in The Duff.

Disney's going to make a film version of the Newberry Award winner The One and Only Ivan.

Disney's also partnering with the Home Shopping Network to take all of my money with this Maleficent merch line. And Hot Topic has Maleficent line as well, making teenage me SWOON WITH JOY. 

In our final piece of Disney dirt, Twilight's Booboo Stewart (real name?) will play Jafar's son in the Disney Channel's Descendants movie about the children of Disney villains.

Some updates to the Fallen film production here and here.

The Giver featurette is below:

Archie Andrews Must Die. (Poor Jughead!)

And in not YA but relevant to our interests news, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are playing sisters!

That's it for this week - give us your thoughts below!

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