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The 100 1x5: Twilight’s Last Gleaming

Planning to kill a bunch of people in the name of the greater good is totally OK, right?

The 100 1x5: Twilight’s Last Gleaming

Previously on The 100: Draco (formerly Crabbe) nearly gets hanged for crazy Charlotte’s murder of Wells and a manhunt ensues—one that doesn’t end well. Clarke and Finn find solace in each other’s bods.

Guys. I don’t hate The 100. Sure, the episodes are slow, and the characters a bit really over the top, but I feel like there’s a show just under the surface that could be quite good, if only they’d spend more time on the surface investigating what’s left and less time up on the Ark. Sadly, that wasn’t the case last night.

The episode opens with Finn and Clarke enjoying some post-coital cuddling in their secret bunker. Everything’s romantic and cozy—all those candles they’re wasting certainly set the mood—and they’re joking about how what happened wasn’t just a “fluke.” According to the promos, however, their newlywed period won’t last long.

Abby’s still alive, which totally goes against that whole “commit a crime, get floated” policy they’ve been touting since episode one. Chancellor Jaha arrives with information about the Ark’s deterioration, and how it’s moving along quicker than expected. He also tells her that 320 people are set to be killed later that day, in an “accident," for the greater good.

Meanwhile, Raven’s in the pod and doing reasonably well. When she hits Earth’s atmosphere, however, things get a little hairy. On the surface, Clarke and Finn have ventured outside to look at the stars, and they notice the pod coming down. At first they think it’s a shooting star, but quickly realize that it’s something from the Ark.

The kids in camp notice it, too. Bellamy is woken from between the arms of two ladies (/roll eyes) by Octavia screaming for him to come outside. He does, but isn’t happy when he realizes it’s something from the Ark. He tells everyone to wait until sunrise to investigate, but when Clarke and Finn arrive back at camp and look for him, he’s already gone. Octavia follows him into the woods and learns about how he shot Jaha to get on board the dropship.

Bellamy reaches the pod first and cuts out the radio. Instead of checking to see if Raven’s still alive, the jerk heads to the river and tosses the radio into the water. Clarke comes upon the pod only moments later and finds Raven alive. When Raven gets out of the pod, Finn shows up … and Raven runs into his arms. Clarke looks like she’s swallowed something horrible tasting, and Finn just looks totally uncomfortable. After she’s done kissing Finn, Raven reveals why she’s on the planet and tells them about the culling. The three set off after Bellamy.

Octavia, still angry with her brother, wanders off into the forest. She’s frightened by a noise, so she takes off running. She comes to a slope and … slips and falls, tumbles down the slope, and comes to a rest at the bottom, unconscious.

Abby, horrified by the idea of killing 300 people, goes rogue and broadcasts her husband’s message about the Ark’s systems failing—the message that got him killed—and then adds her own message at the end. However, the message, instead of causing riots, inspires people to volunteer to die. I know this was supposed to be a moving scene, but I couldn’t help wondering if the oxygen deprivation had caused these volunteers to go a little nutters. Of course, because of this reaction, Abby once again escapes being floated.

The kids on the surface find the radio, but it would take too long to fix. Raven comes up with the idea to send rockets into the sky to serve as flares, so the kids rush around trying to set them up. They’re too late, sadly, and the 300 volunteers (who looked more like 40–50) die peacefully. Afterward, Abby and Jaha (whose first name is Thelonious? Or Felonious?) sit together, looking out at Earth, and notice the flares going by.

Oh, and Octavia, who apparently everyone—including me—forgot about, wakes up in the dark, with a very human-looking grounder looming overhead. WHOOPS.

Princess Count: 1

Bellamy is pretty much the only one who uses this term of endearment. (Do I foresee a hot relationship forming from this antagonism? I can pretend like I do!)

Death Toll: 0/300

No one on the surface died this episode, but a whole lot of people on the ship did.

Mother Nature’s Surprise:

The storyline was more focsed on the Ark than Earth, but damn, that obviously loose rock on the slightly sloped hillside totally had it out for Octavia.

Say What:

There were some serious gems this episode. Particularly:

Octavia: You always wanna play the big brother, huh? Well, guess what? Joke’s on me, you’re just a selfish dick.

Bellamy: I did this for you, to protect you.


Raven: I dreamed it would smell like this. Is this … rain?

Clarke: Welcome home.


Jaha: I’m doing what is right.

Abby, said in an intense whisper: You’re running away.

And finally:

Clarke: You always did what you had to do to protect your sister. That’s who you are. And you can do it again. By protecting 300 of your people.

I definitely think the action on the ground—pun somewhat intended—is way more interesting than the machinations of the adult in orbit. Hopefully now that they know the kids are still alive, more time of the show will be devoted to the surface while the adults try to figure out a way to get off the Ark. Do you think they already have a plan? It certainly doesn’t seem like it. But let’s discuss below.

Next episode: "His Sister's Keeper"


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