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Star-Crossed 1x10: What Storm Is This That Blows So?

Why you gotta do me like that, show?!

Star-Crossed 1x10: What Storm Is This That Blows So?

Previously, on Star-Crossed: Roman confronts Castor about the incriminating flight recorder, Vega actually helps the good guys, Drake and Taylor continue to be H-O-T, and Castor shows his true colors.

SON OF A B. Last night’s episode was tooooough. One bright spot amidst a freaking ocean of heartbreak.

The episode started with Teri messing about in the crashed Atrian ship. She turns something on and then calls someone to tell them “it’s done.” At school, Roman sees Teri plotting in the shadows with a bunch of dudes. They don’t look Atrian, but Teri speaks to them in Atrian, so they must have had their markings removed. Roman attempts to find out what Teri’s doing, but she shuts him down.

Roman and Emery meet up in the closet for their morning constitutional. Someone knocks, startling them apart; Julia enters, telling them that they might as well come out, since “everyone knows.” As the group walks into the cafeteria, two douchey guys try to make Roman and Emery feel bad about their relationship, but Taylor jumps in the fray and stands up for them, casting a glance in Drake’s direction as she does. She also totally shuts down one of the d-bags in the process. Slow clap for Taylor.

Grayson continues his descent into crazytown and asks Drake for information about the Atrian terrorist organization, in return for keeping mum about Drake’s supposed killing of Zoe.

On the other side of the caf, Julia overhears Eric making a rude joke about Roman and Emery’s baby probably coming out with flippers. She’s annoyed—and rightly so. (You’re regressing, Eric.) But before they can talk it out, Ms. Benton demands that Julia follow her to the lab. Benton and Burke (B&B) threaten Julia again, telling her that the Ciper they’ve grown (ICK) didn’t work. They force Julia to give them a sample of her blood.

Meanwhile, Teri drugs Roman’s drink and a massive storm starts up outside. Soon after, Marshall High goes into lockdown because of the hurricane.

Roman starts acting crazy. He snips at Gloria when she tells him and Emery that she supports his relationship; tells Drake that they should have let Zoe kil Grayson when Drake tells him about Grayson’s attempt at blackmail; he attempts to start a fight with Grayson after Grayson tells Emery that Roman can’t be trusted; etc. Why it took Emery ALL episode to figure out that he was on drugs, I have no idea. D.A.R.E. obviously didn’t make an impact on her in grade school.

Taylor finds Drake and tries to hook up with him in the hall. Grayson—who is getting really, really good at being a creeper—sees them together. After Taylor leaves, Grayson tells Drake that he has to break up with Taylor, or else.

Eric, adorably, asks Emery to check on Julia. He’s afraid that his stupid remark earlier in the day has made her avoid him. When Emery finds Julia, however, she hasn’t been hiding from Eric; she’s been hiding out, hindered by the guilt of her assisting B&B. She tells Emery the whole story, and the two try to figure out a plan to mess up the sample before B&B can use it to further their nefarious research.

Heartbreak No. 1 Alert: Drake finds Taylor in the cafeteria, and she tells him that she wants their “coming out” to be through a choreographed dance number at an upcoming dance. LOVE HER. Instead of agreeing, however, Drake breaks up with her, and FLAT OUT LIES when he tells her they’re not worth fighting for. </3 </3 </3

While all of the drams have been going on, Sophia and Lukas have been trying to figure out where the hurricane came from. They discover that the hurricane started right above the ship, and that it was probably one of the Atrian Seven is to blame. Sophia makes Lukas promise not to tell since it could mean the end to all of their freedom. Lukas agrees, reluctantly.

The trio from the beginning of the episode use the storm to steal some stuff from a basement, which they later truck into the Sector on a FEMA truck. Hmmmmmm.

Because of the drug, Roman gets a little too honest with Emery and tells her that everything he does for her has led to problems for him. She storms off, telling him to cool off, and he finds himself in the closet. Teri follows behind him and makes out with him a bit. He’s so high that he hallucinates she’s Emery, but realizes what he’s doing before he gets in too deep. Of course, Emery and Julia walk in on the two of them with their shirts off.

After leaving the closet in a hurry, Emery and Julia head to the lab in hopes of contaminating Julia’s blood sample. Teri sneaks into the lab to steal supplies right after them, but is caught by Burke. Emery and Julia watch from the shadows as Burke chloroforms her and starts to drain her blood. Julia and Emery try to save her, but Burke catches them and chases them into a stairwell. Roman hears Julia’s cries for help and beats Burke bloody. A little later, Benton finds Julia in a classroom and threatens her again. Thankfully, Gloria walks in as she’s posturing and arrests her. I really doubt that’s the last we’ll see of B&B, however.

As the storm clears, Eric finds Julia outside and apologizes for his insensitive joke. He tells her that he doesn’t want to be that guy anymore, and that she’s the kindest person he’s ever met. She kisses him, and—serious swoon alert!—he says: “For a nice girl, you sure don’t kiss like one,” and then kisses her back. YAY!

Heartbreak No. 2 Alert: Roman finds Emery and tells her about Teri drugging him. Emery understands, but realizes that although he was high, he was being truthful about her being his weakness. So … she breaks things off with him, using the excuse that the timing’s not right.

The episode draws to a close with Grayson starting up a new offshoot of the Red Hawks with the new goal of taking out the Trags. Oh Grayson. How far you’ve fallen.

Marshall High Student of the Week:

It’s a tie this week between:


Both Taylor and Eric began the season as stereotypes. Taylor was Marshall High’s Queen Bee/classic mean girl and Eric was the resident ignorant smartass. In only 10 episodes, they have become two of my favorite characters. They’ve both grown immensely as characters and were especially endearing in this episode. Plus, I just want to give Taylor a hug. I feel your pain, girl.

Oh, The Humanity:

The fact that Grayson could get at least 10 guys* to join up with his new Red Hawks group in a matter of hours makes me sad for humanity.

*BTDubs, have you noticed the lack of ladies in the Red Hawks? I have.

Atrian 101:

- The crashed Atrian ship, although not flyable (?) has artificial gravity generators that can cause hurricanes to spontaneously start.

- The Atrians really do have plants for everything. This episode, we were introduced to Vital, a drug that loosens inhibitions, but also makes you act like a total dick.

The Future is Now:

The humans of 2024 apparently have a thing for clear gadgets. Benton’s ID card was very similar looking to her fancy cell phone.

Not gonna lie—I totally did a little internal giddy dance when Eric and Julia kissed. But. BUT! Is this the end for Draylor?! (Nooooooooooo.) And I suppose I’m a little torn up about Emery and Roman, too. What about you guys? Let’s discuss below.

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