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The Originals 1x19: An Unblinking Death

Cursed priests, suicide bombers, and...William Shatner?

The Originals 1x19: An Unblinking Death

Previously on The Originals: old ground is retread as the witches celebrate the Fete des Bendictions. No one is getting along. Marcel sends a bloody mesage. The witches (still) want to kill Klaus and Hayley's baby.

First and foremost, let’s get this important news out of the way: WILLIAM SHATNER WAS LIVE-TWEETING THE ORIGINALS LAST NIGHT. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I didn’t realize that I need a William Shatner cameo on The Originals until now, but here it is. WRITERS, you know what to do.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

Father Kieran is in a bad way, and Cami doesn’t want to let go and let him die in (relative) peace. With the assistance of Josh, she tries to get a compelled doctor to sedate Father Kieran…and perform shock therapy. Seeing as how shock therapy is hardly an accepted practice in the medical world these days, the doctor begged her not to make him do it. Never one to let logic get in the way of her sense of righteous indignance, the plucky psych grad student applies the shocks herself. It very briefly snaps Kieran out of the delusions, but not enough to suit his niece, so she continues to shock him. The effect this has on Kieran’s heart is deadly, so Cami asks Klaus to give Kieran his blood – even though she knows Kieran would never want to be a vampire. In the end, they are able to say goodbye – but just before Kieran is about to kill himself, Bastiana appears in his hallucinations and sends him off to be the Sexiest Priestly Henchman.

The real drama, however, is out in the bayou with the wolves. After catching Klaus searching in vain for the grimoire, Elijah heads out to catch the tail end (heh heh see what I did there) of Hayley’s Lamaze session with Eve. Just as he’s talking with Jackson, Oliver, and Hayley about why a wolf uprising would be a Very Bad Idea, a man on a motorcycle rides straight into wolf camp, asks who is the leader—and the motorcycle explodes. The motorcycle guy was a human in serious debt with the casinos, it turns out.

No one is seriously hurt, and after tending to everyone, Hayley gets pissed off and immediately thinks Marcel was responsible. She heads off to find him, and asks Elijah to help out with the wolves while she’s gone. Just as he hangs up the phone, Elijah notices blinking boxes under the trailers, and shouts to Jackson to get everyone out of there. A new series of explosions begin, and this time it’s far more serious.

Eve, who never triggered the werewolf curse (and thus no healing powers), ends up with a trailer on top of her and a wound that will not heal. As she lays there dying, it comes out that Oliver was the one who arranged for the initial suicide bombing as a way to shake things up and anger the wolves. Things got out of control – he never intended for anyone to die. As Eve tells him that it will eventually come out, he says “no it won’t” – and smothers her with a pillow! Ice cold.

Finally, we learn that Marcel was the vampire responsible for saving Hayley’s life as a child – he sent her to Father Kieran to get the hell out of Dodge – and in a particularly satisfying scene, Hayley roughs Diego up to find out where Marcel is hiding. Seeing as Diego’s character makes me want to punch him every time he’s sniveling and smirking onscreen, this, along with Elijah saying “naughty” and Oliver’s arms, was quite the highlight for me.

The Original Mythology

- Genevieve notes that a hex of such a magnitude will not necessarily be stopped by death.

The Original Body Count

- Unknown number of wolves.
- Poor Eve. Did Elijah donate blood before she died?
- Father Kieran, briefly.

The Original WTF

- OLIVER! Why can’t you and your arms live in peace with the other supernatural factions? Dick move, man!
- Speaking of dick moves, I know it’s hard to see a loved one die, especially without saying goodbye, but Cami struck me as incredibly, horribly selfish this episode. For someone who is always trying to provoke Klaus into doing the right thing (at least in the Gospel According to Cami), turning her uncle into a vampire and making him die a second time is really cruel. She needs Sassy Gay Friend to snap her out of it.

The Original Joseph Morgan Award for Tortured Hot People

If someone could get me an mp3 of Elijah saying “naughty,” I would be much obliged. Also, I’m very angry at the writers for putting Oliver in a tank top and making me feel very conflicted about being distracted by his arms while he is MURDERING EVE. But…what a way to go, I guess.

Next episode: everyone's having nightmares about Big Bad Daddy.

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