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The Originals 1x20: A Closer Walk With Thee

In which all of New Orleans comes together to say goodbye to Father Kieran. Including Mikael Mikaelson. (WAIT. WHAT?)

The Originals 1x20: A Closer Walk With Thee

Hey all, I’m Amanda (you may know me from my Vampire Diaries recaps) and I’ll be filling in for Jennie this week! I know she leaves some awfully big shoes to fill but I shall do my best with this crazyass show. (Sidenote - Jennie texted me last night asking me to fill in for her but did not explain WHY. I can only take this as evidence that what I thought to be true all along actually IS - she is not a mild-mannered attorney, but is in fact, BLACK WIDOW.)


Previously on The Originals - There will never, ever be peace in New Orleans, the witch ancestors REALLY want Klaus and Hayley’s magical hybrid baby dead, Father Kieran died and there’s a love triangle with Kami, Marcel and Klaus but not really because we all know that Klaus and Caroline Forbes are MEANT TO BE.

The Original Dysfunctional Family Drama

And is there EVER a lot of that this week! This episode centers around the wake, funeral and burial of Father Kieran, and all of New Orleans, paranormal and human, are out to pay their respects. At what can only be described as a proper Irish knees-up (aka an Irish wake), complete with band, booze and dancing, Klaus confides in Cami that he’s been having dreams of his father returning to murder him. He’s chalking it up to his nervousness about becoming a new father, especially considering how his father/son relationship with Marcel has turned out.  Later, finding solace at the bottom of a bottle, he also mentions his dreams to Elijah (put-together as always) and it turns out that Elijah has ALSO been dreaming of their Dead Dysfunctional Dad. Only they’re technically not dreams since The Other Side is crumbling and dead supernaturals now have a window to taunt the living. Everybody wins!

I want to move to New Orleans just so I can die there because SERIOUSLY. 

We’re treated to some truly touching flashbacks of young Marcel and Klaus, specifically when Klaus ordered Marcel’s father/owner (ugh) to free him. Klaus later asks Marcel if that man was his father and the look of shame and pain on his wee face is just heartbreaking. Klaus knows too well what it is to have a monster for a father and he tells Marcel that all of us, we can choose our family. We also see the moment where Klaus reluctantly turned Marcel into a vampire; it was after Marcel’s father shot him for attacking his overseer. There is something downright BIBLICAL about the paternal storylines in this show, I swear! Klaus begs Marcel to reconsider, telling him that he’s afraid becoming a vampire will kill all the good within him and make him like Klaus. But Marcel loves Klaus and isn’t afraid to become like him and so Klaus obliges and Marcel the Vampire is born.

If that wasn’t enough to yank on your heartstrings then what about the moments between Cami and Marcel? He truly cared for her uncle and is there to support her as well as grieve his friend. And Elijah and Klaus? Elijah understands his brother like no one else and encourages him to make reparations to his relationship with Marcel, especially since he’s about to become a father again. Of course Klaus won’t, at least right now, otherwise we wouldn’t have a grand season finale but one can hope!

Sorry Father Kieran, but your funeral was an excuse for all the boys to look smokin' hot in their Sunday best.

Klaus wants Hayley to move back in to their home for her own protection and she protests that she can look after herself. Later on when she almost DIES due to a voodoo hex by Monique she realizes that maybe she’s better off at Chez Mikaelson. Elijah and Klaus enlist Genevieve to help save Hayley and when Gen realizes that Monique is behind it all she’s PISSED. Apparently the baby has to be born before they can kill it in order to harness the magic. Oh. OK. Genevieve isn’t as cutthroat as Monique because she chants and pleads with her ancestors to find another way. They answer her by making her bleed out of her eyes so for now Baby Mikaelson still isn’t safe from the witches.

Hayley gets a glimpse of Mikael when she’s under the hex and that doesn’t go over so well. He also wants her baby dead since no child of Klaus could possibly have any inherent worth. He’s seriously underestimated Hayley because she has NO PROBLEM kicking his ass before waking up.

And we finally get THE KISS we’ve been waiting for as Elijah realizes how terrified he was at the thought of Hayley dying. THAT LOOK ON HIS FACE. When Elijah drops his veiled indifference he really does drop it.

But my favorite scene of this episode had to be the one between Klaus and Hayley. (Does anyone else swoon when he calls her “Little Wolf”?) She’s starting to understand a bit more about what his life was like under Mikael and offers Klaus some kind words when he asks her what his father said.

“What did he say to you?”
“Nothing true.”

Klaus shows her the nursery that he’s started for their baby and it’s all terribly sweet and I start to have real hopes for them as a family. Which I'm sure Klaus will find some way to ruin. 

We’re left with Mikael appearing to Davina, telling her that Tim has moved on and he’d be happy to avenge him if only she could help bring him back to life.  GREAT.

The Original Mythology

-Magic Key and Magic Box (seriously.): Francesca approaches Cami at her uncle’s funeral (super tasteful!) and asks about a key that he used to wear around his neck. She took over his role on the Council when he became “incapacitated” and so has need of it now that he’s gone. OH I JUST BET YOU DO. I don’t trust that lady. Cami isn’t impressed by her timing and tells her she has no idea what she’s talking about. Later she mentions it to Marcel who confesses that he had Josh take it from Kieran because he knew it was powerful. It unlocks something that can be used against supernaturals. Marcel trusted Kieran not to use it unless totally necessary but now he OBVS needs to find it before that bish Francesca. At Kieran’s burial Cami realizes that her uncle made sure not to bury her brother with the rest of their family and no one questioned it due to the mass murder and all, but now she’s thinking it was something more. Sure enough, a little gravedigging reveals some sort of magical box that Cami recognizes as something her uncle taught her and Sean how to translate. She will not, however, share this translation with Marcel.

-Voodoo Doll: Monique uses a voodoo doll to hex Hayley into almost dying, along with her unborn child. Genevieve saves her and we are treated to Elijah Mikaelson angrily and hotly smashing a table against the wall. When Elijah gets unbuttoned HE REALLY GETS UNBUTTONED.

-Blood Magic/Seance: The Coven is messing around with a seance and Davina uses it as a chance to possibly speak with her beloved dead Tim. Instead she gets Mikael. GREAT.

The Original Body Count

-None, unless you count poor Father Kieran (RIP) and almost Hayley. This week was the calm before the storm, if the preview for next week is any indication.

The Original WTF

-Anyone else ready for Monique to take a long walk off a short pier? That girl has some serious Murder Eyes.
-If Mikael is crossing over then how come Mystic Falls isn’t full of random dead supernaturals all over the place? Must have something to do with Davina’s blood sacrifice. Hmm.

The Original Joseph Morgan Award for Tortured Hot People

This week is TOUGH because we have tortured hotness all OVER the place. I think it’s going to have to be a tie for Elijah’s reaction to realizing he almost lost Hayley AND Klaus’ HOT vulnerability when speaking about his father with Hayley and his reaction to her kindness in return. OH MY STARS. I may have rewound both of those scenes

Next episode - Shit’s about to get REAL with full-out war between the vampires, werewolves, witches and humans, but more importantly there is more mouth-on-mouth actions between Elijah and Hayley. HAWT.

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