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The 100 1x7: Contents Under Pressure

In which things get a little too Lord of the Flies for anyone’s good.

The 100 1x7: Contents Under Pressure

Previously on The 100: Octavia made friends with a Grounder, we learned more about Bellamy and Octavia’s past, Raven figured out that there’s something between Finn and Clarke, and Finn got wounded—possibly mortally!

After the events of tonight’s episode, I’ve come to the conclusion that I much prefer seeing life on the ground rather than life on the Ark, even when things on Earth turn brutal. Adults playing at politics just makes me yawn, particularly when none of them are sympathetic characters. What happened to make me feel this way?

The CW apparently needed another reason to use their hurricane effects, since at the start of the episode, the 100’s camp is getting battered by a serious storm. Inside the dropship, Finn’s not doing so hot, but Raven continues to try desperately to contact the station for help.

On the Ark, Abby gets tried by the council and is found wanting found guilty, but won’t get floated because her doctoring skillz are too valuable. She is, however, kicked off the council, which leaves a seat conveniently open. As they’re finishing up their discussion, a strange transmission crackles through the station’s speakers. The council ignore it at first, but soon Raven’s voice becomes clear.

Once a stronger connection is made, Clarke asks for Abby’s help with Finn’s injury. Chancellor Jaha asks about Wells, and Clark has to tell him that Wells is dead. Jaha’s pretty distraught, and rightfully so. He goes to his quarters to be alone, but soon there’s a knock at his door. It’s former Chancellor Diana, who he’s apparently not on the best of terms with. She tells him about unrest on the station, and then notices that Jaha’s begun preparing something called Project Exodus, which is a way for the people of the Ark to get to the ground.

Meanwhile, Bellamy and his minions return with the Grounder who saved Octavia’s life. Their goal is clear: They’re going to torture him for information. They tie him up inside the dropship and go through his things, finding some vials full of mysterious liquids and a sketchbook featuring drawings of the forest, some sort of Sasquatch-looking thing, Octavia and the camp—with 100 little tally marks, 10 of which have been crossed off. This makes Bellamy mad, and no one likes Bellamy when he’s angry.

Abby walks Clarke through pulling the knife out of Finn’s chest, and it seems like he’s going to be OK until he starts seizing. Clarke figures out that the knife was poisoned, so she heads upstairs to see if the Grounder had the antidote among his things. He won’t give them any information, however, so Bellamy takes it upon himself to beat the information out. With a seatbelt.

(I would have been even more horrified at what was about to happen if it wasn’t for the fact that Bellamy cut off the Grounder’s T-shirt before commencing with the beating. DAY-UM SON.)

Back on the Ark, Jaha holds a meeting with the station’s section heads and tells them the truth about the 100 and Earth. The people aren’t amused, and one guy in particular keeps poking the bear, telling him he knows nothing about the sacrifices they’ve made. Jaha breaks down about Wells, but even then, the people still can’t trust him. To make amends, he offers Diana that open seat on the council.

On Earth, the Grounder still isn’t talking, so Bellamy stabs him through the hand with a rusty tool. Finn gets worse, so Raven takes things into her own hands and electrocutes him. When that still doesn’t work, Octavia cuts herself with the poisoned knife, taking a chance on their connection. The Grounder finally gives in, and so Clarke is able to save Finn. The radio reconnects in time for Clarke to tell Abby that Finn’s going to live—and that she knows all about who actually turned her father in. Clarke bashes the radio—NOT A SMART MOVE—in order to shut her mom up.

Clarke then attempts to clean up the Grounder’s wounds, but he’s having none of it. Octavia offers to help, and he, of course, lets her. As she’s cleaning his hand, he whispers to her: “Thank you.” *cue the spit take*

Outside, Bellamy and Clarke bond over how hard it is to be in charge. <3 <3 <3

Finally, back on the Ark, we see Diana get sworn onto the council and then are served up with a bombshell: Although Project Exodus will work, there aren’t nearly enough dropships for everyone on the Ark to get to the ground.

Princess Count: 1

I know Posh got rid of this category, but Bellamy used it again!

(How appropriate this GIF is! I chose it before seeing the end of the episode, I swear.)

Grounder 101:

Turns out, the Grounders are quite artistic. Not only do they have some really good tattooing skills, but Octavia’s BF is pretty good at sketching.

And they know some English! At least enough to say “thank you.”

Death Toll: 0

Since Finn was the only one threatened with death this week, I shouldn’t really say “darn,” but … darn. (I’m a terrible person!)

Say What:

Hands-down bestworst lines of the night:

Finn: Hey.

Clarke: Hey.

Finn: Good save.

But I have to give an honorable mention to:

Bellamy: Who we are, and who we need to be to survive are two very different things.

You're so deep, Bellamy.

Burning Questions:

- What are former Chancellor Diana and her lackey up to? Don’t think I didn’t notice that look they gave each other at the end of the meeting.

- Why does no one ever put TOO MANY lifeboats on something?!

- Why is Octavia’s BF so reticent to reveal that he knows English? (And what’s a better nickname for him than the Grounder or Octavia’s BF?)

Speaking of Octavia’s BF: This isn’t a question, but when Posh sent me this link, I knew it had to be included. You guys: Octavia is dating Jacob Black Taylor Lautner! They’re quite cute together, but man, TayLaut. You really need to stop trying with the facial hair. (And y’all know how I feel about beards.)

Let’s discuss the episode—and the dating habits of young celebrities, if you so desire—below.

Next episode: "Day Trip"


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