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The 100 1x9: Unity Day

Diplomacy meetings between two parties who don’t trust each other at all never really end well.

The 100 1x9: Unity Day

Previously on The 100: We learn more about the Grounder—that he’s Captain East his name is Lincoln and he’s a damn fine kisser—and almost everyone gets stoned.

As I was running errands after work today, I had the crazy realization that I was actually excited about watching tonight’s episode. When did The 100 sneak up on me? Perhaps it was just the promise of getting to know more about the Grounders.

Last night’s episode begins with Chancellor Jaha giving a Unity Day speech. (Unity Day, apparently, celebrates the, well, unity of the space stations that make up the Arc.) Finn’s not a huge fan of the day, and is a bit of a Unity Day denier—he thinks history has been prettied up to make everyone feel better. They all stop listening to Jaha when Jasper brings out Monty’s “Unity Juice” (UJ) and a party ensues; Octavia uses the distraction to sneak off into the forest.

As some Arc kids present a pageant on the history of Unity Day, an explosion rips through the corridor. Kane’s mom is struck by shrapnel and dies. Diana, due to her leaving right before the explosion, is the main suspect.

Back at the Unity Day party, Clarke and Bellamy discuss the danger of the Grounders and how much Clarke needs a drink and to have a little fun. (Yeah she does. WITH BELLAMY.) Finn finds Raven in a tent, checking bullets, making sure they’re ready for the Grounders. He suggests diplomacy, but she’s not interested in hearing about it.

Octavia finds a trail of lilies leading her to the cave in which Lincoln kept her when they first met. He’s there, waiting, and things get SUPER steamy SUPER quickly. (It totally puts Clarke and Finn’s first time to shame.) As they leave the cave, Finn finds them, and makes an impassioned plea for a truce between the Grounders and the 100. Lincoln agrees to set up a meeting between his leader and Clarke.

Finn finds Clarke and tells her about the meeting with the Grounders. She’s not a huge fan of the plan, but agrees … and then goes to tell Bellamy—who calls her Princess (1)—and asks him to be her armed backup. Bellamy then conscripts a semi-drunk Jasper and an annoyed Raven to go with him.

Back on the Arc, Kane interrogates Diana’s minion, who turns on him and then locks him in the cell. Power begins fluctuation all over the station, and when Jaha finds Kane, Kane tells him that Diana’s inciting a mutiny and trying to steal the drop ship. When Jaha, Kane, and a crap ton of guards reach the ship, Diana’s already closed the doors and is preparing to leave.

On Earth, Clarke and Finn meet up with Octavia and Lincoln on an old bridge. Lincoln’s leader shows up a few moments later, on horseback, flanked by two guards. Clarke goes up to meet her, and the two discuss how the 100 have basically been waging war without meaning to (e.g., the flares they sent up as signals to the Arc burnt a village to the ground). The Grounders see the 100 as invaders, and Clarke agrees that it certainly looks that way. She tries to make Princess Grounder see the benefits of peace, but Clarke can’t promise that the adults, when they reach the surface, will hold to any sort of agreement. (Bellamy totally called Clarke princess (2) again during this exchange.)

Suddenly, Jasper spots Grounders in the trees and goes on the offensive, basically ruining everything. Everyone’s shooting at everyone and everyone’s running for their lives. Lincoln even takes an arrow for Octavia. (Swoon.) The kids make it back to camp alive, but Finn’s pissed at Clarke for not trusting in him.

Diana and her group forcibly eject from the Arc, causing explosions followed by the lights to going out all over the station. Clarke and Bellamy notice the drop ship entering the atmosphere, and Clarke gets excited when she thinks her mom’s on it. However, her spirits fall drastically when the ship slams into the surface and explodes.

Grounder 101:

Post-apocalyptic Earth hasn’t been terrible to the people living on her, it seems. The two whose faces/bodies we’ve seen are awfully good looking people. The Grounders are also hip to the fact that women make great leaders.

Death Toll: A whole bunch … but none of the remaining 100

Six people died in the Arc explosion, including Kane’s mom. And a couple of Grounders died thanks to Jasper’s knee-jerk reaction. And then a bunch of adults likely died in the drop ship explosion. But the remainder of the 100 on Earth have survived to lived another day. (Whomp, whomp.)

Say What:

I feel so bad for Eliza Taylor. She really gets the short end of the stick when it comes to dialogue. For example:

Bellamy: Why don’t you go get a drink? You look like you could use one.
Clarke:  *sigh* I could use more than one.


Finn: I need you to come with me but I can’t tell you why.
Clarke: Finn, tell me why.

Burning Questions:

- Are we supposed to like Kane now? Because I still don’t.

- Do y’all miss cocky Finn as much as I do? Apparently he’s like Sampson, but his power is snark rather than physical strength.

- And on a more serious note, what was Princess Grounder talking about when she said that the Arc humans “wouldn’t be the first” to try and wipe them out?

Let’s discuss the episode below.

Next episode: "I Am Become Death"


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