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The 100 1x10: I Am Become Death

This week, things got real gross and REAL AWESOME.

The 100 1x10: I Am Become Death

Last week on The 100, Diana and her followers detonated a bomb at Unity Day on the Ark then stole a drop ship and crashed on the earth. Clarke met with the Grounder Queen to try to negotiate a peace treaty, but all hell broke loose. In other word, the shizz hath hitteth the fan-eth.

So, we all know by now that The 100 got renewed for next season.  While I'm still super bummed about Star-Crossed getting cancelled, I have to say, The 100 has grown on me, and this episode proves why. It was intense and romantic and gross, and for the first time ever, there were NO SCENES FROM THE ARK. PRAISE YOU, CW, FOR HEARING OUR PRAYERS. Also, seriously, STOP BEING SO GROSS.

Here's what happened:

- As made clear by the severed arm, there are no survivors from the drop ship. Suck it, Diana! Silver lining-- there's highly explosive fuel for the taking, AND the (remaining) 100 can't seem to make contact with the Ark, which means we, the viewers, don't have to make contact with the Ark. #BLESSED. (I do feel bad for Clarke, who thinks her mom died on the ship.)

- Murphy (a.k.a. Malfoy) finally returns, as we knew he would, but DAMN, dude is MESSED UP. He's all bloody and disgusting, and even worse, he's carrying a super contagious disease. (Looks like the Grounders have been reading their history books.) Clarke sets up a quarantine, but it's too late-- she's sick, and so is almost everyone else. Is this a vampire disease? Because everyone is crying blood tears.

Oh yeah, and vomiting blood. NASTY.

- Clarke asks Octavia to sneak out and find Lincoln, who tells her that the Grounders release the disease to "soften the battlefield." They'll be attacking at dawn, and Lincoln, seen as a traitor by his people, wants Octavia to run away with him. She agrees, but first she heads back to camp to warn Bellamy.

- To delay the attack, Finn suggests that they blow up the bridge, so Raven uses the ship fuel to create a bomb, which they have to shoot from a safe distance. But oh snap, Bellamy gets sick before he can shoot it, so he asks Jasper to do it. Was anyone else reminded of that scene from Grease, when Kenickie asks Danny to drive Greased Lightening? Just me? Okay.

- And then OH SNAP AGAIN, Raven decides to take the bomb herself, even though Finn voluntered to do it, and OH SNAP X 3, Raven gets sick on her way to the bridge. She manages to get the bomb ready, then Finn drags her off the bridge while Jasper totally misses his shot. Again and again and I CAN'T HANDLE THIS. Fortunately for my sanity, Monty shows up with a second gun, and they had this whole bro drama earlier which doesn't matter, THE POINT IS Jasper has a new gun, and he makes the shot, and the bomb/bridge explodes!

- Octavia returns to Lincoln and declares that she can't go with him, because she has to stick with the (remaining) 100. "They're my people," she says. Another acceptable excuse would have been: I MET YOU TWO WEEKS AGO.

- Finn brings a sickly Raven back to camp, and she is quickly deposited into the Death Hammock. (Did anyone else thing it was MEGA gross that Clarke and Raven got stuck in the hammock formerly inhabited by Malfoy and his festering wounds?) She accuses him of loving Clarke more than her, because he didn't hesitate to catch Clarke when she was fainting from the plague, but he did hesitate to volunteer to place the bomb. Um... is that really a fair comparison? Regardless, Raven seems to think that it's grounds for a break-up, so she hands the necklace back to Finn.

- After everyone is asleep, Malfoy decides to suffocate and kill one of the dudes (who helped string him up a while back) in quarantine. So, did he kill other people who "died" from the disease?! Or just that one guy?

Grounder 101:

After Octavia declines his offer to run away together, Lincoln warns her about "the mountain men" who are coming for everyone. That... doesn't sound good.

Death Toll: 14

There's been some brutal killing on this show, but death by plague seems like the WORST. At least if you get speared, it's over in a few minutes, as opposed to vomiting blood over and over again.

Say What:


I loved the straight up bitchiness of Clarke's first question to Malfoy: "What can you tell us that's useful?"

After Bellamy found out that Clarke asked Octavia to leave camp to talk to Lincoln, this was his response: "If anything happens to her, you and me are gonna have problems." Uh, dude, I think you've already got a problem, and it's called THE PLAGUE.

And then there was this exchange between Clarke and Finn, after the latter came into the quarantine zone:

Clarke: What do I have to do to stop you from coming in here?

Finn: Get better.

And we're supposed to swoon over that?

Burning Questions:

- When will the writers realize that they've made Finn WAY too prissy? I mean, his whole "peace through strength" thing is not sexy in the least. Even Raven's annoyed with him! And does anyone still want him to end up with Clarke because BELLAMY.

- Will Harper, a.k.a. Hippie Chick, a.k.a. girl with a crush on Jasper, become a recurring character or get killed off in the next ep? I vote for the latter.

- How will the Mountain Men be different than the Grounders? Please tell me they all have beards and snaggle teeth.

- Do we ever have to see the Ark again? Or can we assume that everyone on it is dead because YES PLZ.


Leave your answers/raves/rants in the comments, and let's convo!

Next episode: "The Calm"


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