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Blog Tour: The Truth About Alice

Hypocrisy and bullying and slut-shaming, oh my -- the timing on this book is sadly appropriate.

Blog Tour: The Truth About Alice

On Tuesday, we published our Kirkus review of Jennifer Mathieu’s The Truth About Alice – a book that deals with slut-shaming, bullying, and hypocrisy from multiple points of view.

Roaring Brook Press put together these cool character videos:

Author Jennifer Mathieu is a cool lady – an English teacher who lives in Texas, also written this The Hairpin piece about YA and slut-shaming – picking apart the Jessica/Elizabeth Wakefield dichotomy in order to examine what we were taught about sex when we were younger. It’s a great piece, and highlights the heavy-handed “don’t be a slut” message in even ghostwritten, largely disposable literature. 

With the #YesAllWomen discussion still happening, young women should find this book – and her The Hairpin article – pretty timely. So often we’re taught that being a “slut” is the VERY WORST THING that you can be – but you had better put out if you expect to keep a boyfriend. It’s a nasty message, and Mathieu does a nice job of showing how hypocritical and insidious it can be.

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The Truth About Alice is available now.

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