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The 100 1x13: We Are Grounders (Part 2)

We’ve reached the season one finale, and it does not disappoint.

The 100 1x13: We Are Grounders (Part 2)

Previously on The 100: Finn and Clarke escape the clutches of the evil Grounders—with the help of Lincoln—and narrowly escape a nasty new group of “humans” called the Reapers—with the help of Lincoln—before returning to camp and telling everyone that they need to GTFO.

Well, dang. The CW is really pulling out all the stops with their season finales this year. And I love it. In last night’s season finale of The 100, there were twists, there were turns, there were emotional declarations, there were deaths, and then there was a surprise that I don’t think anyone saw coming. (At least, I certainly didn’t.) You go, CW.

The episode began with everyone continuing to get ready to flee from camp. Clarke attempts to help Raven by cauterizing her bullet wound, but she’s merely prolonging the inevitable. After a brief moment of testosterone fueled postering between Finn and Bellamy, the 100 leave camp and march toward the ocean (in slo-mo, backed by some ominous march music). Budget Russell Wilson and a guy who looks like he could be part of the Nazi Youth can barely keep their excitement  about surfing and the beach contained, until, that is, Blondie gets hit in the head with a really nasty weapon that looks like it’s been fashioned from a hubcap.


Everyone runs back to camp and prepares for a siege. Octavia runs to the front lines, brandishing a nasty sword, like a total badass. Clarke, Finn, Raven and Bellamy discuss munitions, and Clarke comes up with the idea to use the rocket fuel in the drop ship to create a “Grounder BBQ.” Raven’s not doing so hot, however, and Clarke realizes that the bullet lodged in her spine and that she’s bleeding internally. Finn decides to head to Lincoln’s cave to try and find medicine, but before he leaves, Clarke tells him that she can’t lose him again. When Finn tells her she won’t, it’s a bit swoony … until the camera pans to Raven in the background with a look on her face that says “Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just dying over here.”

On the Ark, the adults are preparing to make the descent. The automatic processes fail, of course, and Kane decides that he should be the one to stay behind. As he gets up to make the sacrifice, the releases release and the thrusters kick in. Jaha’s made his way to the control room and done everything manually. Turns out those fist bumps were all for naught.

Back at camp, the fight begins. The Grounders run around the perimeter, forcing the 100 to use their bullets. They discuss things over their walkies, but Tristan, who’s captured Draco, is listening in. The Grounders attack, and make their way through the first level of defense. One goes straight for Bellamy, and gets him to the ground, but Octavia stabs him through the head. She then gets hit with an arrow.

Finn meets up with Lincoln in the cave and thinks of Bellamy’s earlier idea to use Reapers against the Grounders, describing it as a really bad idea. Outside, the Ark hits the atmosphere and gets everyone’s attention. I, however, was totally distracted by the fact that Bane is apparently a Grounder?

Forgive the crappy quality; I took this with my phone off my TV.

The Grounders restart the attack, but then the Reapers arrive and the two groups start fighting each other, buying the 100 a little more time. Bellamy and Octavia share a sweet brother/sister moment before Lincoln meets up with them and takes Octavia off to .. somewhere ... to heal her wounds.

Bellamy and Finn make it back to camp as the Grounders break through the defenses. Tristan goes after Bellamy and nearly takes him out, but Finn grabs a gun and shoots him. The three tussle, and Clarke is forced to retreat into the drop ship, leaving the two of them behind. Anya gets inside before the drop ship closes completely, and Jasper sets off the rockets, torching everyone outside.

From the Ark, Jaha tries to connect with any survivors on Earth and makes a connection with Abby, who goes outside with Kane and notices smoke in the distance, which they say they’ll check out. Jaha opens a bottle of hooch and makes a toast to Earth.

The 100 exit the drop ship and find skeletons everywhere. BUT SUDDENLY, red smoke bombs get tossed into their midst and exceptionally clean soldiers with laser-sighted rifles appear. Clarke wakes up in a clean, well-lit white hospital room with Van Gogh’s Starry Night hanging on the wall, and she’s being watched by a camera; her name in the corner of the camera screen belies that her saviors/captors know who she is. She goes to the door and sees that Monty is in the room/cell accroos the hall. Her eyes scan to a sign on the wall near his door, which reads ...

Mount Weather Quarantine Ward.

Grounder 101:

When fighting, the Grounders (and Reapers) are absolutely brutal, and can swarm up the side of obstructions like a bunch of ants. But they’re afraid of what comes with red smoke, which might not bode well for what's contained within Mount Weather.

Death Toll: 1 2 3 5 … ??

I thought that Bellamy and Clarke had made the total death toll for the season really easy on me with this exchange:

Clarke: You did good here, Bellamy.
Bellamy: 18 dead.
Clarke: 82 alive. You did good.

(Even though they’re still ignoring the fact that Bellamy was No. 101 …)

But then Nazi Youth got the giant ninja star to the face, I’m pretty sure at least one guy died in one of the foxholes, one got shot near the gate, Tristan slashes at least two with his sword … and then I lost count. I think we’re probably down to the low 70s, at the very least.

Say What:

Dumbest idea of the night goes to Bellamy, barely a minute into the show:

Bellamy: Let’s get back to the Reapers. Maybe they’ll help us. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?

Uh, NO. (Regardless of the fact that involving them actually worked out, it was still a dumb idea.)

But he did call Clarke Princess once again, so I will forgive him that moment of stupidity.

And then there was this Clarke gem:

Rando: Is that from the Ark?
Clarke: That is the Ark.

I really hope Clarke gets better dialogue options next season.

Burning Questions:

- Are Finn and Bellamy alive?!?

- Where did Lincoln take Olivia?!?

- Will Jaha make it off the Ark somehow?!?

- Why would the Mount Weather people have waited until the very last minute (other than the obvious "because it's a TV show") to arrive, and can they be trusted?!?

That’s it for the season! Overall, it turned out pretty awesome. What kind of things are you hoping to see in the second season? Let’s discuss all below.

Next episode: "The 48"


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