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#YASummerShowdown 2014: Meet the Free Agents

No FYA Book Club? No problem! The #FYAFreeAgents are more than capable of holding their own against the competition. (And they're accepting new members!)

#YASummerShowdown 2014: Meet the Free Agents

#YASummerShowdown is underway, and the teams are all turning in hella impressive submissions. (Like, seriously. Visit the FYA Showdown hub -- which doesn't even have ALL the photos -- and be amazed.)

Among our mightiest teams are our long-distance YAngelists, the #FYAFreeAgents! They're here today to tell us a little bit about themselves and the places they call home. Take it away, Julie and Corrie!

Name: Julie A.
Location: Durham, NC
Favorite Beverage: These days, it’s a cherry limeade slush from Sonic!

Fun Fact: 

I have book ADD – I’m always in the middle of at least 5 books at a time so I can read a few pages until my mind starts to wander and move to a different book. This does however get me in trouble when I try to recall books to others as I can confuse storylines and characters. Owning a Nook Color has only made this worse because now I don’t have to actually carry 5 books around when I travel.

Julie and her sister (an #FYADC competitor!) take on Leila Sales' This Song Will Save Your Life.

Favourite Bookish Place: 

Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill. Not exactly in my town of Durham, but close enough – Chapel Hill and Durham kind of run into each other anyway. Flyleaf is the kind of bookstore every town should have – involved in the community with all the local schools, super nice to all of its customers and hosting tons of literary events for all kinds of readers. [The photo up top] is me sitting in just one of their super comfy reading chairs (had to sneak a photo, they specifically ask customers not to use their cellphones in the store – yay!).

Dang -- you're such a rebel with a book, Julie! 

Name: Corrie or Stancey G. (both short for Constance)
Location: Winslow, AZ
Favorite Beverage: Chai tea latte

Fun Facts:

•  I can remember which side of the page something happened on in a book.  This was highly useful as an English teacher.  My kids loved to try and stump me with various plot events and quotes. 

•  I participated in the FYA NaNoWriMo challenge.  I took on Kiss of Steel, the story of a girl who was just trying to put herself through college by working at a steampunk strip club.  I
attended a women's college (what up SMC!) and wish there were more books with women’s colleges as a setting.

•  My favorite book changes ALL THE TIME, but I am forever rereading From Lambton to Longbourn by Abigail Reynolds. I own it in paperback and in ebook.

Corrie and her husband illustrate their geography, in honour of Jennifer E. Smith's book. (F'real -- read the story behind that picture!)

Favourite Bookish Place: 

This was hard for me at first because I’ve only lived in Winslow for 2.5 months. Winslow doesn’t have a book store; I drive to Flagstaff (an hour away) when I want to pick up a book. We have a library, but it is makes me miss my library in Indiana, so I don’t read there often.  I decided to use the town gazebo as my place.  It’s a shaded spot where you can listen to the trains go by, and there are is a little park area, so if the gazebo is full or noisy, you can go for a walk and find a bench to sit on.  Plus, it’s downtown, so I meet a lot of tourists from all over the world when I am not reading.

SIGH, a Stars Hollow-esque gazebo of your very own! JEALZ.

Name: Lex W.
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Favorite Beverage: Pretty much any imperial IPA or stout, but right now, my favorite is Sweet Baby Jesus, a CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER porter (seriously) from my home state's DuClaw Brewery. ZOMG, delicious.

Fun Facts:

•  I'm helping to get Charlottesville's FYA book club off the ground as we speak. Our first meeting is next month! (Hit me up if you're in C-ville and want to join!)

•  I train part-time at a CrossFit gym and just participated in my first individual competition a few weeks ago. (I came in 6th!)

•  My husband and I are big board game nerds. Our favorites at the moment are Lords of Waterdeep, Kingdom Builder, and Love Letter.

•  I traveled cross-country to over 20 national parks by myself after graduating college. Yay, nature!

•  I am OBSESSED with my three cats, Shadow, Bud, and Jasper. Bud, the big one, is actually a big sweetie, but those antlers brought out his blood-rage.

Favourite Bookish Place:

I do most of my reading on my breaks at work, so my favorite bookish place is a little alcove outside our building where I can get some fresh air and catch up on my reading.

Thanks for stopping by, Free Agents! May the odds be ever in your favour! (Yes, we've made that joke a thousand times by now. And no, we cahhhn't stop. /Miley)

Wanna join in on the #YASummerShowdown fun? Team up with the #FYAFreeAgents by emailing [at] gmail [dot] com!