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Introducing #FYADFW!

Meet the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of the FYA Book Club -- and find out how you can help them YAngelize in North Texas!

Introducing #FYADFW!

Photo credit: Matt Pasant

Welcome to beautiful Dallas/Fort Worth, TX -- home of #YASummerShowdown participant, the DFW FYA Book Club! They're here today to tell us a little more about themselves. Take it away, y'all! (And TEXAS FOREVER.)

Who We Are:

The Dallas-Fort Worth Forever YA book club has been meeting continuously for nearly three years, since August 2011. 

Dallas-Fort Worth is huge. Like, it's the largest metropolitan area in Texas and the fourth largest in the US (no, really). So it stands to reason that we're a diverse bunch of people.

We're ladies and gentlemen (well, we've got a gentleman, at least, and sometimes we have honorary husband/partner members join our meetings). We're in our 20s and 30s and 40s. We're married/attached and single and have kids and are childfree (we are even occasionally pregnant). We're straight and gay and everything in between.

As far as day jobs go, we've got a Gaggle of Librarians, a Plethora of Nonprofit Professionals, a Smattering of Teachers, and a Heaping Spoonful of Everything Else. Does your book club have a luthier? I didn't think so.

Our mix CD exchange for Eleanor & Park.

We Like to Write (Or Hell No, We Just Read):

We are blessed with tons of writers in our group! We have authors already published by large houses: Jeramey Kraatz (The Cloak Society series) and Julie Murphy (Side Effects May Vary; Dumplin', 2015 ); as well as a couple with upcoming releases: Jenny Martin (Tracked, 2015) and Samantha Mabry (Leaves, 2016). Lori Ann Stephens is published by an independent house (Some Act of Vision, Song of the Orange Moon). At least half of our core group writes regularly, and handfuls meet up on a regular basis all across our fair Metroplex to write together. We've also got our share of book bloggers.

Some of us just like to read instead. Funnily enough, these are some of our most vocal and passionate members!

We Get Around:

This being good ol' Texas, we've had countless potlucks at each others' houses, but we also like to drink it up at bars, pubs, and restaurants. With members all over the DFW area, we've met in various neighborhoods, cities, and suburbs. We've exchanged mix CDs. We've been to the movies together, and we've cozied up to watch book adaptations at home. We've roadtripped to Austin for book festivals and author events, and we've attended our own members' book launches and signings. We've even Skyped with the fabulous and lovely A.S. King.

DFW members at a preview of The Book Thief. We laughed [not really], we cried, we thought it was beautiful and/or overwrought and schmaltzy.

We're Tireless YAngelists:

With all of these YA lovers in DFW, it's a damn shame that we don't have our own teen book festival to attend locally. Oh wait... we're fixing that! The North Texas Teen Book Festival, spearheaded by DFW FYA member and librarian extraordinaire Kristin Treviño, is set for March 2015. Several club members are involved in the steering process, and we're bringing 25+ YA and MG authors to the DFW area for a fantastic one-day festival. Think this is a good fantastic idea? Mosey on over to our Kickstarter and help us out!

Yours in YA,

Thanks for stopping by, DFW FYABC! You can find them on Twitter (@DFW_FYABC), or wherever their next meeting takes them! And follow their #YASummerShowdown progress on the #FYADFW Tumblr!

Want to join an FYA Book Club? We've got locations worldwide! Don't have one near you? Grab a cocktail, send us an email, and start one today!