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#YASummerShowdown 2014, Week 2: One Thousand and One Bookmarks

Pro-tip: when you ask a bunch of FYAngelists to get crafty, expect nothing short of an explosion of awesome.

#YASummerShowdown 2014, Week 2: One Thousand and One Bookmarks

Previously: Week 1 (The Competition Begins)

Well, I am FINALLY here with your #YASummerShowdown Week 2 recap! Late, of course. Why so late? Because there was so effing much amazing stuff happening at Showdown central last week, it's taken us this long to catch up!

First, a look at the leaderboard: San Francisco is still in the lead, with Austin inches behind. Vying for the next highest position are DC and the FreeAgents—who, as a reminder, live on opposite sides of the country from one another. And after their intro post/call to arms last week, their ranks have grown

Watch out, San Francisco, is all we're saying. You are safe from no one!


First, just a taste of the fantastic Photo Hunt submissions that have come in since week one:

We've had more ridic cover reshoots…





DFW and the FreeAgents found some Uses for Boys


(L: FYADFW; R: FYAFreeAgents)

So many of our contenders went out for a Night of Cake & Puppets





And found A Time to Dance




Karou (Sasha in DC) went tooth hunting at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum (shout out to Eliza's haunts in Dreams of Gods & Monsters!), and the rest of DC found the Archives of Broken Hearts:



Meanwhile, Pittsburgh FREAKED US OUT with their rendition of The Forest of Hands and Teeth:


And Orlando North found a girl who is Not Invisible (about almost!) and taught us a lot about local history (we want more of this!!):


We also got some seriously cool vine submissions, which you all definitely have time to check out.

That's only the tip of the Showdown iceberg, and definitely not all of the teams. Go check the hub out and see every other incredibly creative thing these FYAers are churning out!!


Next, a look at the Week 2 Challenge, which consisted of two parts--creating bookmarks thematically suited to YA/MG titles (inspired by this), and writing introductions/love letters to local FYA chapters. Some of the book club posts have already gone live; keep your eyes on the site for the rest to be posted throughout the summer!

Then there are the bookmarks…oh, the bookmarks. THE BOOKMARKS. When I thought of this challenge, I thought, "yeah, I'm sure we'll get a few good ones. Someone will want to knit/bedazzle/papercraft something cool. I mean, probably."

OH HO HO. A few? A few??


Over ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY bookmark submissions, from all across the continent--and all of them GREAT, with more than a couple handfuls of EXCEPTIONAL thrown in for good measure. There are too many to possibly showcase all our favorites here, but each of the three judges did have some discretionary bonus points to award, so we will let those serve as teaser to all the rest over at the hub.

And now, what all the Showdowners have been waiting for, the reveal of the winners of our bonus points (+15 from each judge, and MUCH HARDER than you could possibly imagine for us to each have narrowed down)…

Mandy W:


(L-R: Feed by FYAVWASeraphina by FYAONThe Fault in Our Stars by FYADCThe Knife of Never Letting Go by FYADFWWhen You Were Mine by FYAFreeAgents)

(L-R: New Moon by FYADFWPlain Kate by FYAPDX)


(Beauty Queens by FYAFreeAgents)


(L-R: The Raven Boys by FYANYCBetween Shades of Gray by FYAPGH; A Corner of White by FYANYC)


(L-R: The Tale of Despereaux by FYAPGH; Code Name Verity by FYASF; If I Stay by FYAPDX; The Forest of Hands and Teeth by FYAPGH)



(L-R: Divergent by FYADETNew Moon by FYADFW; The Fault In Our Stars by FYADC)

(L-R: Catching Fire by FYAFreeAgents; Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase by ATXFYA; Ask the Passengers by ATXFYA)


(L-R: Eleanor & Park by FYADC; Harry Potter by FYADET; Code Name Verity by FYASF)


(L-R: Etiquette & Espionage by FYAON; Beauty Queens by FYAFreeAgents; Why We Broke Up by FYAPGH)


(L-R: The Fault in Our Stars by FYAPDX; The Raven Boys by FYANYC; The Raven Boys by FYAVWA)



(L-R: Stargirl by FYADFW; The Tale of Despereaux by FYAPGH; Daughter of Smoke and Bone by FYADET; Stargirl by FYAPGH)


(L-R: The Invention of Hugo Cabret by ATXFYA; The Archived by FYAPGH; The Knife of Never Letting Go by FYAVBC)

(L-R: Mockingjay by FYAPGH; Pride & Prejudice by FYADC; The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Machine of her own Making by FYASF)


(L-R: Cress by FYANYC; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by FYAPDX)


(L-R: Code Name Verity by FYASF; Harry Potter by FYADET)


(Lola and the Boy Next Door by FYADC)

And some honorable mentions…


(L-R: Looking for Alaska by ATXFYA; Twilight by ATXFYA)

(Jellicoe Road by FYAVBC)

(The Ring and the Crown by FYASF)

(The Spectacular Now by FYAVWA)

Although seriously, I had to stop myself from posting just all of them. I'd be a terrible sports professional. YOU ALL WIN.

Week 3's challenge was less creatively demanding than this week's, so look for a shorter recap post for that come Monday.

Until then, happy Showdowning, all!

Next: Week 3 (The Emoji Cometh)

Alexis.'s photo About the Author: Alexis grew up in Wyoming, where she did NOT ride horses to school, but did write her IB extended essay on the youth of heroism in Peter Pan and Stargirl. In spite of this, she was shocked years later to realize how seriously she loved YA lit (blame the snobbery of academia for the blindness). She now lives in Washington DC, where she reads so much YA and MG she built a whole scavenger hunt around it.