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Pro-Tips, Hot Cartoons, and KITTEHS: The Best of Megan No H

In which FYA bids farewell to Megan No H with a collection near-comprehensive history of her greatest hits.

Pro-Tips, Hot Cartoons, and KITTEHS: The Best of Megan No H

Happy Independence Day, y'all! As you can see from the teaser line, today's also a different kind of independence day at FYA: Megan No H's from our corner of the internet, SOB. So in honour of our departing links maven, I present to you the very best of Megan (which turns out to be basically everything she wrote), Procrastination Pro-Tips style!

Book Related Things

Once upon a time, Megan handed in book reports for FYA. And THANK LORD that she did, 'cause she introduced us to a little somethin' called Divergent, as well as Daughter of Smoke & Bone, Ready Player One (including an interview with the author!), Grafitti Moon, Ash, and Cinder

She also wrote about modern classics like The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and Looking for Alaska. She gave us the DL on awesome Australian authors, and she took a look at graphic novel adaptations, both real and wish listed. And of course, there was that time she squeed over her literary loves, Sandy and Dennys. In other words: MEGAN KNOWS GOOD BOOKS. And she'll gladly take someone to task (ahem, NPR) when they don't know what they're talking about.

It's too bad there wasn't another round of Cover Story during Megan's tenure, because she is SO boss at it: faeries with unpronounceable namesStepford wannabestwincest (with bonus work Snuggie-angelism)disappearing gravity, and a phrase I'll let you discover on your own. There are also recent classics like her Strings remake of Rosemary's Baby, and her take on the ice planet Coldlandia in Vortex.

When I found out that Megan would be leaving, I almost immediately asked, "Wait, are you still staying on as DC FYA leader? As in, can I still coerce you to talk to me at least once a month?" (BTW, the answers are thankfully, resplendently YES AND YES.) DC FYA has been the FYA Book Club gold standard for years: event-appropriate attire; author-stalks of Sara Zarr, Mike Mullin, A.S. King, and Libba Bray; THE GREATEST SCAVENGER HUNT ON EARTH; and heartstring-tugging friendships. And now we can add 'continuing to hang out with Megan' to all the ways DC FYA makes everyone jealz. 

Movie Related Things

Megan reviewed tons of movies for FYA, but there's simply no other way to begin this section than with her highly scientific analysis of 10 Things I Hate About You, or what she calls the greatest teen movie of all-time. (Some might disagree... )

And bless her heart for her endless championing of 17 Again, "the most important Zac Efron vehicle of our time". She also made a good movie even more fun with a drinking game for Pitch Perfect!

Megan never met a holiday movie that she didn't like (OH HAI, Hocus Pocus!). OK, that's a blatant lie -- but she subjected herself to Christmas movies of varying quality because she's an excellent scientist. SHIRTLESS DANCING CHESTNUTS, YOU GUYS.

Also file under shitty things Megan watched for us: a Twilight documentary, and the defining Jennifer Love Hewitt midriff movie of a generation, I Know What You Did Last Summer.

And who could forget the phenomenal Megan + Alix collabs? Like when they implored everyone to watch North & South and then provided a running commentary for it. And when they discovered Hugh Dancy's prettiness does not a movie make. Or that time they waged war over 10 Things vs. Clueless. Basically, whenever Megan and Alix wrote a post together, you knew you'd be in for a treat. 

TV Related Things

Megan's impeccable tastes extends to the realm of television. Be it period pieces (Call the Midwife), sci-fi (Star Trek: TNG), prison dramedies (Orange Is the New Black), or anime (The Legend of Korra, Ouran High School Host Club, Attack on Titan), she has a TV rec for whatever you're in the mood for.

Megan also watched some questionable TV in the name of FYA. She recapped the entire run of The Nine Lives of Chloe King, aka why I still think of Grey Damon as Cat Hat Brian despite never having watched that show. Before they all gave that shizz up, Megan belonged to the recapping cabals for The Lying Game and Downton Abbey. She also took turns writing about BOTH The Secret Circle and Ringer until the (very, very) bitter ends.

It's probably no coincidence she stopped recapping new shows after that season.

Miscellaneous Things

Megan might disagree with where I've sorted* these posts, but Harry Potter seems to transcend both books and movies by now. She sorted YA characters, created a drinking game, and even made the journey to the Wizarding World

*Categorization is hard, OK?! And #sorrynotsorry. 

Megan is aces at putting together gift guides for every occasion. Even if that occasion is AVOID AT ALL COST, for most of the Hunger Games related merch. For gift-giving to people you actually like, Megan has ideas for book lovers, unicorn lovers, Pride & Prejudice lovers -- and she even has the last-minute shoppers covered.

Not apropos of anything other than the theme of MEGAN, but she's also responsible for the post title I am most jealous of not coming up with myself.

Speaking of brilliant ideas, there was that time she put together a guide to sexy Olympians with Alix and Erin. (Remember when we hadn't heard Ryan Lochte speak yet? Sigh.) And obvs, we can't talk about Megan and sexy hunks without mentioning her all-important contribution to society: HOTTEST CARTOON CHARACTERS.

But real talk: the things I'll miss most about Megan are her quiet contributions to FYA. I lovingly think of her as an enabler of great ideas; in truth, Megan's an incredibly supportive and encouraging friend, be it about blogging about Jane Austen knock-offs or building a social media account together. And without Megan orchestrating the former Pen Pal Club, would Alix and Lee have ever become FYA mainstays? Would the greatest story ever told even exist? And for that matter, would we have known recapper extraordinaires and #YASummerShowdown gamemakers, Alexis and Catie, without Megan at the helm of the DC book club? To borrow a sentiment from fellow DC book clubber Melissa, that reality would just be too sad to think about.

And finally, to know Megan is to know her fervent love of cats. It's a bit surprising to me that she doesn't completely dominate the cats tag (although she does have the most posts as of now). Anyway, here's what Megan had to say about her love of cats in the book report for one of her faves, Emily of New Moon:

Emily loves cats like I love cats. She wants to cuddle them and kiss them and talk about them in a way that other people probably find slightly creepy. She honestly cannot understand why everyone wouldn't want a cat.

(For what it's worth, I find Megan's love of cats to be quite endearing and not at all creepy. And I'm pretty much the opposite of Megan when it comes to cats.)

An artist's rendition** of the remaining FYAers clinging onto Megan IN OUR HEARTS.

**Omg looking through Megan's old posts reveals that I may have subconsciously lifted that idea from a farewell she wrote. MEGAN IS EVERYWHERE. Megan-ception!

As much as Megan will be missed around these parts, it's somewhat fitting that her departure has been announced on the eve of the Sailor Moon reboot's premiere. Hopefully, now Megan will have more time to watch, read, and play all the things.

So what was your favourite Megan post? Or what will you miss the most about her? Share it -- and your fave cat GIFs and/or videos -- in the comments below!

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